Rainwater collection: from your windshield?

Has anybody thought about this one before?

As a windshield travels through a lot of surface area it should collect a lot of rainwater.

If this works and I mysteriously die it was ninjas from Unger.

At least around here, the windshield also collects a ton of dirt while driving in wet weather. Filtering that out would be more hassle than it’s worth. I see some other challenges in implementation, as well.

Having a stationary rainwater collection system at your house seems a lot more feasible.

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True, in Ireland we have a lot of rain but not very much dust. What were the other challenges you were thinking of?

I know very little about vehicles at present - just about got my full driving license. I thought it should in principal be possible to divert the windshield water into a tank in the back of the van and then process it if need be.

This could be an extra top-up feature for more pure water while the van was on the move. I also have plans for stationary rainwater collection. I found that though commercial rain barrels are surprisingly expensive the bulkheads I can buy cheaply and install them onto any barrel. They fit a half inch male tap adapter so all I’d need is some chaulk and the correct spade bit to install them onto the bottoms - I plan to have a little network of them for about 1 ton of water.