Rank your add-on services: which ones do you like best and why?

I’m looking into a few add-on’s for the biz and wondered which ones you guys have found to be successful.
We already do ccu’s, resi and gutter cleaning (although I don’t promote that as much as I could) and a little pressure washing.

Which add-ons do you like the best and why? rank them from top to bottom:

-Pressure Washing
-Gutter Cleaning
-Screen repair/fabrication
-Awning cleaning
-Chandeliers/high light fixtures etc

feel free to list any others i may have missed.

I prefer pressure washing but the most asked for are screen repair, and hard water removal. Then gutters. I’ve added dryer vent cleaning this year. I’ve did 2 last week. We will see how that goes. Pressure washing pays the best of my add ons.

Soft Washing
Gutter cleaning
Exterior Wood Restoration
Glass renu
I do chandeliers but Hate doing them.

I started my company as a window cleaner and kinda fell into powerwashing. Last year it was more profitable than window cleaning. It’s easy work and I make more $/hr doing it, so it quickly became my favorite part of my business.

Gutter cleaning is my second favorite. I already had everything except the gutter scoop. My favorite part about gutter cleaning is there is 0 overhead aside from gas and marketing. Don’t have to worry about running out of product or anything. Just go, scoop, leave.

Exterior Wood Restoration, is kind of a hassle but the end result is AWESOME.

Screen repair has been a real good one for me. We did a whole house re-screen a few weeks ago for about $450.00

I love the power /soft washing too. We don’t get the mildew and mold on siding around here though. It’s too arid a climate. We mostly wash off dirt and bird poop and spider webs. I don’t have to spend a ton of money on SH though so that’s a plus. Bad thing is most people can use a high pressure garden hose and get similar results. Harder sell for me. No roof magma either. :frowning:

1-2 sides of the house turns dark green up here. The north side of the house gets nailed. The houses that have the front door facing the north are an easy sale.

Pressure washing
Gutter cleaning
Screen repair/replace

hands down pressure washing.

If was to go back 10 years and be starting fresh I would be a pressure washing company. Better margins, outside work so no scheduling to go inside which makes hiring more flexible and rain does not cancel work.

Screen repair consistently nets me around $100/hr or more. it helps if you’re set up properly for it. By that I mean you make only one trip to the customers house and have everything you need to get it done on site. Once you take the screens off site your profit margin drops considerably.

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Hey Mark, mind sharing some pics of your mobile setup? I know you work out of a minivan (or at least you used to) so I’m interested to see how you make by. I have a smaller vehicle, as well.

I do pool cleaning and maintenance as an ad on.

If it’s a day with only a couple of screens per stop I’ll leave my table at home and simply drop down a canvas sheet and rescreen on the ground. primitive yes but I get the job done, always. As for my table, I bought a 3’x6’ folding table and screwed a couple of pc’s of peg board to the top and then attached lattice strips along the edge. i can use my CRL screen jigs on the peg board if needed. My chop saw is a 7 1/4", takes up way less space in the truck compared to a standard 10" saw. Again, I only take this with me when needed. This Thursday I’ll be making a customer a new sliding screen door. Door kit cost $67 and I’ll be charging $195 + tax. Total time from set up, build and install, break down and pulling out of the driveway = 1 hour.

The only pic I have of my table is this one I took when I was building 8 large screens last Dec. you’ll get the idea though.

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Gutter Cleaning for us is a great add on and provides a nice profit margin due to the prices we charge and how quickly and efficiently we can get them done. If we were to book as many gutter clean outs a year as window cleanings I would be hanging out over at The Rolex Forum…:stuck_out_tongue:

Gutter cleaning is solid. Don’t need much to do them accept a willing attitude.

In fall we made a stronger push for gutters and cut back a little on holiday lighting. Easier to train, less headaches. Love gutters.

Soft Washing
Roof Washing

These two make up about 40% of our business.

glass renu. no question

For those of you who answered pressure/soft washing, what was the best investment you made with regard to equipment? obviously a better-than-home depot- pressure washer seems like a good place to start. but was there a tool or add-on that helped take that part of your business to the next level?

Down stream injector kit.

Whisper wash

I second downstream injector. F the x-jet.