Razor scaper vs water fed pole which gets filthy windows cleaner?

Guys, i used to think my rubber squeegee was worn out as i started to get razor thin water lines inbetween ends of rubber. Then i realized that was because there was so much debri on dirty filthy windows that has not been cleaned in months, after i scraped with a razor, then it did not leave water lines and the glass was smooth. But i also wanted to ask you all, do you think a water fed pole can really get dirty filthy baked on debri windows just as clean as a razor? I also need to add that i have seen my razor scratch glass even non tempered! Yes window was wet and only scraped in one direction but did do the whole length of window! Read that you are not suppposed to scrape more than a inch or two and only one direction and to never scape the entire length of window.

What do you all think? I feel a razor will clean up a dirty window hands down way better than a water fed pole. I feel wfp are only good for windows that has been maintained.


I truly believe that you need to answer your own questions, just as you have done here, but by thinking before posting as well as by using the search tool and field experience.

You’re comparing two completely different tools. Would you hammer in a nail with a screw driver?

Months yes, year no, probably not

WFP is not for cleaning age old dirty windows.

I use it to pre treat frames and glazing to remove as much dirt/dust etc as possible, but if your needing to “razor” glazing to get it clean, then WFP is not the tool to use!

WFP is mainly for regularly cleaned windows or as a final pure water rinse treatment to avoid leaving sticky detergent residues on glazing.

Then again… thesedays i prefer to leave it with sticky detergents, so customers come back quiker to have their windows cleaned.

WFP is a great tool, but charge more for it, as window stay cleaner for longer meaning less business for you from that customer.


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Hell yeah

Are these windows in the subway or a bombed out city ? I have cleaned windows in a stretch of 3 years that the cleaning process cannot be described this way.


If the glass is that dirty and the razor couldn’t tackle it, then I’m pretty sure the wfp alone would not produce adequate results especially and I quote from another of your threads "if she wanted a simple wash that may not get the results she is looking for, then I could do it for 20 " Listen, if you were penny pinching in the dawn/gg3/home depot soap you are about to stroke when you buy into a purified water system bud.

I may be nit picking here but to use a six inch razor which you claim does not sit flat on the glass, and I quote “i hate my ettore 6 inch [URL=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/window-cleaning-tools/scrapers-blades.html”]razor. It does not lie flat and only a small part of it contacts glass, thus it scratches if i have it turned one way" knowing it was scratching the glass , do you really think that a 1” stroke or a 2" stroke would not cause scratches any differently then a 10" stroke? The amount and length of scratches are proportionate to the strokes. Figure out some ulterior cleaning methods.

I’m not sure anymore

One of your more accurate staments.

I think the question is wether your customer is going to see difference…you could wfp it in ( first floor ) in one minute and it would be enough to keep him happy . or you could climb a ladder and take 4 minutes and he would still be happy… in other words he would not notice the difference or could not care less…and the price obviously plays a big part of the question , normally though through experience you will automatically know which weapon to use … so its all down to experience really

Having to do major blading

Something WFP won’t or can’t do first te round … Saving that for next around

Just got my American window cleaner magazine front cover is about tempered glass scratches and how ironic is that, all I did for the past three weeks was blade windows.

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