Reach Higher Ground--- Leasing Options

Hello everyone.

We are now able to offer leasing on our equipment.

There is a link to an online calculator that will give you a free quote right on our site at

Thank you all for the continued support.

By the way nice looking system!
What does the anti scaling device do?
Does this system need a storage tank for the water or can it work straight from the tap?
Could I attach my tucker pole up to it with out adjustments?

Thank you for your interest.

The Anti-Scaling Device works to suspend the calcium in the water as it passes through the membrane. As a result the calcium is less likely to bond to the membrane and therefor you get more life out of the membranes on our systems.

Our battery powered system works off of regular tap pressure. You can clean windows with sufficient inlet pressure without using the pump. This is limited by several factors. For example, when you want to go up higher then say 30’ or when the inlet pressure is not suffice. We have fitted the systems with a battery operated pump standard for this very scenario. At our facility the system produces 1.3 gallons per minute with the pump operating. More then double that of the competitions. For this reason we have been slow to come out with an electric version, but will be making an announcement on that issue soon enough.

There is a fitting we sell that would attach to the end of your tucker pole to convert it and enable it to connect to our yellow hose that is supplied.

When you switch to using a pump do you need a holding take of water to work from, or is the pump just increasing the water pressure similar to a power washer hooked up to a spigot?

The pump simply boost the pressure to the pole. If the inlet tap is supplying adequate pressure you typically do not need it on.

With king Lee 500 anti-scalient I have found it to be sensitive to both flow and incoming tds. How do you adjust that out in the field where that is always changing? To much anti-scalient will ruin a membrane

It has not been a problem for us.

which pump is sold with the 5 stage reach?