Reach higher ground video?

could someone please post the vid of shawn gavin’s technique for WFP use. I know it was up recently but i searched for it to no avail. Could someone direct me to the link or post it back up.

The link to Gardiner Pole Systems Videos from the RHG website (not sure if these include the one in question):

those arent the ones im looking for but thanks for looking out Larry. Im actually looking for the vid where he is actually cleaning the windows and explaining his technique while he is doing it. I think Chris or Alex posted it up once.

those videos are gone Brian, they used to be on google video.

I just did a search on google video and they are nowhere to be found.

If you want to search for any videos/info on the blog - just type in the search term in the top left corner & it should come up with all the stuff loaded so far.
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