Reaching skylights?

Sorry, if this has been asked before, but I don’t know the English name for what I am searching. In my area, almost all houses have these windows as in the picture

I have a 5 meter(16 feet) ladder, but it seems a bit dangerous to get those top windows. Do any of you guys have any technique to reaching those kind of windows?

Water Fed Pole, all the way,

You would be done with those in less than 10 minutes, no ladder needed.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am on a bike with a bike trailer. So I don’t have a lot of space. I am assuming that with the water fed pole I would need a big tank, right?

No, you can get a basic DI filter (or RO/DI filter depending on TDS) and hook directly to your customer’s water.

Okay, that sounds very smart. So a DI filter connects the water supply from the customer and the watered pole and to make the water clean it uses Resin, is that correctly understood? Also a DI filter seems to be a lot cheaper than RO, what does an RO do that a DI doesn’t?

Correct. Both systems will get you pure water but if you have a high TDS then you will run through resin very quickly with just the DI. The RO will remove a lot of the dissolved solids first then the DI is just the final step. Any idea what your TDS is?

I have an old TDS meter which I first tested with some old calibration liquid NaCl, which it read a bit to high. It should have been 342, but instead was 353. After that I tested the tap water which read 470. Which I presume also is a bit to high considering the NaCl was a bit to high. So maybe somewhere between 400 and 450. If I even can use this measuring for anything.

DI tanks alone don’t work in Britain and Ireland because usually the water systems aren’t pressurized. You have to bring the purified water in a tank and have a pump in the van to generate pressure. That’s why I had to do everything traditional when in Ireland.

Thanks @TexasRich, didn’t realize the systems weren’t pressurized there

i see lots and lots of guys in the english forum i am in that use their home water supplies to produce di water.

Yes, they produce it at home. Usually they filter it through DI or RO systems, but they transfer it into a van mounted system with pump, reel etc. But simply tapping into the house is rarely possible. Many houses don’t even have an outside source, at least in Ireland from what I saw. If you look at his picture, most houses have a large tank in the attic that holds all of their water. It is filled from an outside water source that literally trickles into it to fill it. The gravity of the water traveling down is what generates their pressure. So even a wfp will have zero pressure one the head is higher than the tank, unless a customer has an in house aux pump, which most do not.

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