Real time online quote

I know there is a easier way for a quote but I had to go over my head. All you have to do is plug some numbers, check some boxes and the total is displayed below the form. The question I have is, is it too confusing for the customer?
Is it too detailed? Does it take too much time to fill out the form?

I really like it, and I think that it will add value to what you can offer your customers. While I prefer to do a face to face consultation, I think that this will eliminate the price shoppers who always go with the lowest price. Good work.

Ryan Doliber

Ryan - nice website man.

Very nice

How confident are you in the pricing formulas that it kicks out?

I entered a 2-storey house with 20 windows, inside & out, with some screens, and it gave me a price of $120.

Does that sound right?


P.S. I found it quick and easy, myself. Better than many other options out there.


I think it’s a great idea. I’ve wanted to add that feature to my website. I use Windows Office Live to run my site. If anyone knows how, let me know.

The only concern I would have is that the consumer will immediately know how much they are going to pay. There is no salesmanship to help push the sale. I hope I explained my concern well enough…I’m still draggin a*s this morning and on my first cup of coffee :smiley:

Again, I like it!

20 window panes in a 2 story house? it better be a condo or some huuuuge window panes, i hate doing 2 story houses for some odd reason such as fear of heights so i charge more and then knowing that i’m going to get paid for being 16 ft on the ladder joggling screens out of the way i fight my fear. 120 sounds about right to me, do you think it’s too high or too low?

Thanks for reply

That does take some fun out of the game, but i decided to address busy people that don’t like to wait for their quote and i had some success, i guess i just think i’m too clever so i would rather use a calculating form then having someone trying to feed me bull*** on the phone if i was looking for a window cleaner or any other service lol plus i dont really like waiting around for a guy to show up for a on site quote, everybody is always late and whatnot

How do I add that feature to my website?

If the fear sets in when holding the screens there is a simple fix for that. Take spring clamp, drill a hole in one side and attach it to the ladder or stand-off if you are using one. I use a stand-off (ladder stabilizer) and have my clip hanging from the arm. This frees up one hand for what you really need them for. Or if you are feeling daring you can simply put the screen on your toes and lean it against the wall. move your feet and the screen falls. the clip is the safest way and takes one thing off your mind when in that situation.

Yeah I’d say you’re low, for a 2 story 20 windows I charge around $250. It may vary depending on where you live.

Personally speaking as a consumer … I actually appreciate the online sites that allow me to compare prices without having to give my personal information. When I am browsing, shopping for prices, that is what I am doing, just trying to get an idea and I do not want to get sale phone calls, do not want to share my personal information until I am ready to do so. Those that will not give me a quote or an idea without sharing my personal information, they get clicked off because I don’t want the quote bad enough to share. I would be contacting the ones that shared first. As many of you have stated, even when doing online quotes and phone quotes, you make it clear that final quotes must be done in person, which is fair. As long as there is not a huge huge difference or at least, the huge difference can be well justified. Otherwise, I would think as a consumer, that your website is just a ploy to rip me off and you would not be getting my business. No doubt, I would also share my thoughts and experiences with others.

In regards to prices, after reading many of the posts, and checking other pricing calculators, although I am sure different areas have different prices, my first thought, that is pretty low.

Joie - N. CA

I too noticed that your prices were pretty low. Have you priced your service based on your competition or what you would require to bring in per/hr?

Next to ‘number of panes’ you give a choice of BIG, STANDARD or FRENCH. Many house have a mix of window styles and sizes but your form doesn’t allow them to specify ie: 20 standard + 30 french panes.

Otherwise it looks/functions fine.

Actually, I like this idea. The customers’ main concern is price. But make sure they realize that this isn’t carved in stone. This is a general estimate. What if there is a really tough hill on the side of the house? Once I went to the back yard and there wasn’t one, the house was built on the edge of a cliff!


…and I bet they didn’t even mention it to you beforehand.

haha those cliff’s will get ya, just out of curiosity did you man handle the cliff?

My prices are pretty standard for Phoenix maybe just a little lower, I end up making $30 an hour and it is enough, I would rather have somebody clean their windows more often for less than less often for more, and thats what usually happens and i tell my customers i’ll give them a better deal if they have me more often. And i wish i didnt have to say that but i will, cleaning windows its not the easiest task but its easier than jobs that don’t make that much money and actually require many skills and i think $30 an hour to clean windows is sufficient.

I think i forgot to mention that i estimate french windows on the site, but thankfully not a lot of people have french windows out here.

Okay, I respect that.

If you ever want to charge more, and get away with it, we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin, I’m in the process of redoing a lot of our marketing to make it more effective. The website was the first phase of that, and I’ve been happy with the results. Next thing is to add some video and possibly some sort of online estimator.


So does anybody know how to include an online estimator for a website? I’ve looked all over the web, I cant find ant resources.

I’ve gone through a couple different systems to reveal prices online, but there’s just way too much that goes into selling my time to give people quotes that aren’t accurate or won’t hold up with cookie cutter pricing methods.

Additionally, I prefer talking to the customer’s over the phone in order to an answer any questions that they may have. When I had the pricing automated, I feel that it gave customer’s the impression to not call unless they were ready to schedule.

Then those who did that, I had to ask them questions about the details of their house just to confirm that the online estimate was right.

Bottom line, it just doesn’t work for this business…

Good point. I wondered about that too. Even when I do a phone estimate, the price still not a guaranteed till it’s done. I’d still like to check out how it works.

One of the ideas for a web site is to allow potential customers to take a “baby step” toward making a purchase. Often people feel too committed to you when they call you in person. The calculator lets them realize that your prices aren’t way out of line.