Really? A builder that said what?

I have heard so many of you and me types here on the WCR and across the nation on other forums talk of builders and their silly antics when it comes to tempered glass waivers and the like of. But I ran into one I have never seen in my window cleaning professional career as of yet.

I had a CCU on a new block of Townhomes on Thursday. My crews were all out for the day (funeral, on sick leave, etc) so it was John Wayne time for me. I showed up at the perfect time. I got out, carrying me quote, terms and conditions, and two tempered glass waivers (one for me, and one for him). We got through all of the other things and then I began to tell him about the waiver.

He says,“Well, hell, Bert, doesn’t all tempered glass come scratched? I mean I ought to have the occupants all get a copy and sign it for my own records.”

I nearly fell over in amazment. He is the first builder/GC to agree and think that it was a good idea to have a waiver. And he was sincere. He wasn’t just blowing smoke up the pipes. Most of them want to argue and ask questions that they really dont want the answers to.

I just thought I’d share the good luck story with you folks. I hope that some of you have similar experiences.

P.s. The CCU was a two-story townhome. It was covered in brick mortar, mud, dust, and paint. I under bid it for my likes, but I bid it time wise for three people, not just me. The nice thing is, the GC and I built such a rapport, that he is having me back to clean the other two, much larger, buildings that are almost ready for WC’ing.


Its great when you get one like that, nice job Bert. Now lets just hope he pays on time.

Rare but welcomed response, huh Bert?

Could this be an indication of a future trend?

I hope so. BTW-as I said, the job was done this Thursday. I picked up a check this morning (sat).

Brilliant! Gotta love it when you find a sensible person to deal with huh??!!:wink:

I had one GC with about the same story. he told me he didn’t care unless you could see a scratch from more than six feet away. Anything less and it’s perfect. I was in heaven!! no scratches…it was his first time useing a pro window cleaner. before that he had his construction guys doing it. long story short I think I have this guy sold for any future cleanings.