Realtor Letter

Does anyone have a letter that they send to Realtors to try and get business from there homeselling/buying customers that you would be willing to share? I’m looking for something that I can use to put a service coupon with that the realtor can give to their customers that may need their carpets and/or windows cleaned before they put their home on the market or move into.

We have a realtor packet that we give out. The letter really only decribes what the realtor recieves from referring us to their move-ins or move-outs. We include our trifold and a list of references. We don’t have an exclusive relationship with any realtor company, but we do work with individual realtors in different companies. It is a good idea to get with realtors as they can give lots of leads.

I used to have one and when my last computer crashed I lost it. I’ll look in some old paperwork later and see if I still have a copy of it and get it in the download section.

For those interested I got a pdf version of the flier in the business downloads area.