Reasonably priced scheduling app

Any advice in a scheduling app that’s reasonably priced?

I’m already using an invoicing app I’m comfortable with. I just need a scheduling app that will allow me to have a database of customers and easily put them on a job calendar.

The one I’m currently using, I paid for a subscription in August. Now they just announced they changed their plans (i.e. jacking the price up) and this will be effective in Jan.

I don’t mind paying $100-$150 annually but it seems all apps want $400 plus per year for an app that has more bells and whistles than I need.

Anyone know of anything?

the customer factor does lots , price is low and locked in for life. unlimited users and contacts. it sounds like you’re really looking for a busineess solution though more of a freebie. i 've never seen anything useful for almost no money at all.
of course google calendar is free.

Stop being cheap, get a quality CRM and you’ll be glad you invested in your business with growth in mind from the start.

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