Rebuttals on a rainy day

What are some good rebbutals when a potential customer says no to having their windows cleaned because it is raining?

The rainwater is pure, all the rain does is move the dirt around, once the dirt is off the rain won’t effect them. It’s much easier for us to complete the job and come back and fix any issues the rain may have caused.

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tell the customer rain doesn’t spot windows, it only displaces the dirt to get the spotting looking. We can clean the outside of your windows and if there is any spotting you can call me back and we’ll touch up any effected windows no charge.

And it’s rare for a window to spot after rain. Most times it’s the water splash off of something dirty like a bad gutter flow or bird feeder or something like that.

Be firm but not overbearing.

with rain frequently in the forcast two or more times a week having youR windows cleaned two or three days after it rains is the exact same thing as having them cleaned a day or two before it rains.

I don’t rebut customers

I tell them we have a 5 day rain guarantee, and if they seem concerned about my working in the rain, I say, “I’ll be ok- I’m waterproof underneath the clothes!”

To tell customers that the rain will not cause a problem with the windows causes you to lose credibility with the customer and your rebuttal will lose its clout.

In the customers mind they are generally convinced that its going to cause a problem with the windows if it rains so if you argue with that you will just look foolish or self serving if not both. And they are right anyways. There is always a possibility that the rain will cause problems to clean windows as rain water is not always pure. It can contains pollution and other contaminants like pollen that will spot the glass. There is also always the possibility of building run off as well.

The better approach, IMO, is to agree with them first and then give them reassurance that you will deal with any problems caused by the rain. This approach shows them you have a realistic understanding of the potential problems and you know the level of commitment you have made. I think this makes them feel they can trust you more. If you argue the point that is obvious in there minds then they feel that you aren’t being realistic and when it rains and you see the damage and reality hits you there is a good chance you will not follow through with the commitment to fix it.

Best bet is, the more you emphasize the problems the rain can cause, the more validity your commitment to fix the problem has.

I think this is a great answer to the question. I always wan’t to say its like brushing your teeth vs. eating. You didn’t skip brushing your teeth this week just because you were planning on eating right? You still need to clean the windows because a clean window will look better in the rain vs. a dirty window getting rained on. And if you have a rain guarantee just sell them on it and say just give me a call if anything gets messed up… Please call me and I’ll be back. And I wouldn’t really use the dental hygiene line to often I’ve hardly had any one appreciate it that much but its still kind of funny to me to say once in a while to someone who’s passing by not actually the customer that says its gonna rain you know.

Most appointments go ahead anyway as they appreciate clean windows - it’s going to rain sometime or another here.

No rain wont affect clean windows, but dirt from other sources and water runoff from the building etc will cause them to get dirty - i appreciate that, I cant help with that, but i will go back if this occurs to touch up any windows that need it.

If they do put it off - they lose their appointment and there is no guarantee i can fit them in again as quick as they want, they are made aware of this too, which many think - oh i better have them done then. :smiley:

They do think they are right. If my gental attempt to persuade them fails I usually loose them as a customer.

“a man convinced his will is of the same opinion still.”

We are booked out 4-6 weeks if they can wait then they can cancel, it’s much easier to fit a touch up of the outsides into the schedule than a full job.

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Gracias guys.

I usually try and reschedule residential work when its going to rain. In Indiana rain usually goes with electrical storms. Lightning, aluminum ladders and Carbon Fiber poles don’t get along very well!

We dont reschedule until its raining. I never trust the forecast. Still get inside work done and substitute some power washing to fill the hole in the schedule.

I call and cancel If its gonna rain. …

I tell them it is up to them…and then we go clean gutters.

I just hate climbing ladder in the rain…not that I scared of the water…


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It only rains once a month where you are though. It rains twice a week here.

When they call I just say that without any hesitation that I will be there to at the very minimum clean the interior, and if its not too bad we will take care of the outside at the same time. Not much rebuttal here.

True but I’d still call and cancel :slight_smile: