Received Starter Kit - Advice needed

Hi there
just got my tank, pole and brush arrive earlier last week.
Now, I’m trying to fit a set of Quick connects for a garden hose and the thread is not the same ? What the f***? I rather look stupid for a minute and not strip that thread. I have a pressure regulator which I was trying to install in the “IN” port of the tank, and a set of QC on the outlet but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Another “related” question … called Culligan’s today ( in a rush must admit) asking for regeneration services and they said that if the tank is not one of theirs they won’t do it.

What other local options I have ? Tryinf another “department” at Culligan’s ?

thanks in advance


you might have to buy/rent one of there tanks.

what kind of quick connects did you get? it should fit the 3/4" garden hose???

The last part of your package should hit you tomm. It is 2 tiny quick connects that connects your tank to the pole and your tank to your garden hose. I will give you a ring tomm afternoon and give you comprehensive instructions on how to get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

I apologize for the delay that final part was on back order. It did ship Friday I assumed it would have hit you today.

ooooooooooookkkk … I’m not crazy :slight_smile: that’s good news.

Don’t worry Chris, I didn’t knew that something else was coming.
I was thinking “ok, just the tank, the fittings are my responsibility” … no need to call me, if I have any problems I’ll call you and have the guys here give me a hand

Thanks a lot you guys.


PS: if you own your tank … what’s the deal with resin ? Just buy virgin resin and change it yourself ? Besides ordering thru WCR obviously .

Cool its super simple you just screw it in. The kit was designed to have everything you need to just plug in and rock with it.

Well If you cant convince culligan to recharge you ( If you cant let me know and I will get on the phone with them for you and see if I can convince them)

  1. You get send the tank out somewhere else, culligan shouldn’t be your only option although it might be in your areas.

  2. You can get regenerated resin and swap it out yourself. If you cant find a place close to you we have an exchange program.

Here is a quick video explaining how to do # 3


DI Tank Assembly for Dummies ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Chris, I’ll take your offer on talking to Culligan’s.
I’ll call them again (with more time) and see if I can get the right person, the guy that I talked to today, used the words “I think” and “I guess” a lot, so I’m not completely sold on that yet.

Cool if you don’t have any luck shot me there # and I will get in touch with them.

If I fail I will pass it over to Bill

Bill has an amazing ability to blow these guys away with technical lingo that is way above my head.

If it goes above YOUR head … not much hope for me on that matter.
I’m placing another order for supplies right now, if you can shoot me an email when you have a tracking # that will be great.

Thanks again Chris

Thank You!

Your tracking # will be right behind your order.

Carlos I ordered a spare bucket of regen resin and changed my tank resin the other day for the first time. It only took me 1 1/2 to muddle thru. Thanks to Alex for the video. It really made me more confident.

Hey Tony, do you mind if I ask where and how much it was?

I’d like to buy a spare charge, if local regeneration is a problem, and even if is not, to avoid waiting time or if I need it in a rush.

I got everything from Chris and Alex.

How do you dispose or regenerate the used resine???

Simply send us your exhausted resin and we send you a fresh batch.
We have access to a facility where it is regenerated. There is no reason to ever throw away resin.

You should at first check with a local water company. Culligan or Siemens. This is the best bang for your book. As a last resort we can take care of it for you.

Thanks for the response…getting my ducks in a row to get a WFP setup soon.

Awesome, if we can be of any help with your purchasing decision please let me know.

Alex or Chris, How do I go about exchaging my resin? I will need to within the next couple weeks.


If you 100% can not get it in your area:

Call me, I will send you out recharged resin. Then ship your old resin back to me and we bill you for it. The problem with this is you are paying for shipping both ways on top of the recharge cost. That is why we are really encouraging everyone to find a local place to recharge.

I know it sounds like we are turning away business, but we are really just trying to look out for your bottom line. We want everyone to get the best possible value. So far we haven’t found a way to do that with the resin.