Received Starter Kit - Advice needed

the Culligan people are a PAIN!!!
They can do it, but choose not to. They might say that your tank and culligan tanks are different, but there the same from what I’ve seen. I have spent a little time with my culligan guy, once he got to know me he turned out to be cool…their just trying to make money like you.

Talk to him again, go see him and be passive. Let him feel like mr.big shot culligan man.
But really just buy resign from alex and chris

Receive the missing parts today, put it together “my way” , 5 or 6 inches of connections to each side of the tank :slight_smile:

Used it only to clean the transom over the main door of my house and look like crap … will try tomorrow with some daylight and more time. Obviously is my lack of knowledge not the system’s fault. Pencil jets that came with it are awful, will get fan jets soon.

I have in my inlet port the coupler/reducer that Chris sent me, a pressure regulator, and a QC - Outlet port the pther piece that Chris sent me, the one with the long thread and swivel and a QC. Sounds right?

Couple of questions :

can I use soap/cleaning solution with my scrubber in a pole and the lightly brush and rinse with WFP?

I’m really afraid of getting water in someone’s home … any advice to avoid that ?

Where to go to learn basic and advanced use of WFP? Visually will be better. Youtube is a nice source but there are not a lot of explanations on them.


Sounds like another video series for Chris and Alex. WFP the series! All they need is a volunteer.

TO be honest, it wouldn’t be a bad idea and a good resource to promote their business while giving support (visual) to customers and forum members.

I’ve learned pretty much all I know (yes, I know is not a lot) on my own, takes time and you need some margin for mistakes … and when is business related like this I don’t have any of those.

Ensure that windows and doors are closed prior to use.