Recession getting worse?

DUUUUUUUUUDE! I know the country’s been in a recession, but I was still shocked when I saw this…

Looks like a school or a prison?

:):):):):slight_smile: HA HA HA HA,
Yeah, I’m in prison and they not only allowed me to have a digital camera in the bathroom, but internet access to post this pic for my fellow window cleaners to enjoy!
I had to trade in my one phone call to get the internet access, but totally worth it…

Then again, perhaps I should have called my lawyer.
Or my wife to post bail. Hmmm, didn’t think that one through too long.

Just kidding. Actually, it was in a Carl’s Jr. Restaurant.

Carl’s Jr./prison… what’s the difference?

looks like COVID 2020-2021.

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Seriously lol

I got lucky and stocked up with two mega packs from Costco in February of that year. Felt like a king on my throne (pun intended)