Red rubber

I’m trying to order some of the razor red facelift rubber, is there anyone in the US who carries it or is it just window cleaning warehouse in the UK? Also what is the best rubber to use for a liquidator channel?

The best so far me is the Ettore rubber with the ease of access to supply of the rubber.


I’ve never tried the fae lift rubber but agree with wcs. I dont buy ettore rubber any more because the cheaper options work well for the price and make more sense when youre running a crew but its definitely the best imo. Lasts a long time and performs at optimal condition for longer than the others. Basically what that means is that black diamond is goos but I find that even after a few hours to a day I need to put more pressure on the cheaper rubber to get clean results where as ettore performs well under very light pressure for longer.

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so no one in US sells the red rubber? I guess I’ll move to ettore. Thanks

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I’ve been using wagtail (original formula) red rubber in my liquidator channels and have been loving it. Just couldn’t get down with the ettore rubber or black diamond, but the wagtial rubber struck the perfect balance, at least for me anyways.

I’m not sure of any distributors state side that sell the red, I could be wrong…

But to be honest I didn’t look hard. Because Ettore work’s fine for me.

I use BD in all my other channels.

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I tried moerman, ettore, bd, and now pulex, and I have to say pulex wins hands down. The rubber lasts almost as long for me as ettore, and ettore streaked really bad whereas pulex doesn’t. I’m located in columbia sc, so it does good in heat. I’m using pulex hard.

I’m in Asheville North Carolina, so we have very similar climate. How’s the work in Columbia ? Is there lots of competition?

The work is good, and the competition is not too crazy. It’s a good sized city at 750k. Asheville is fun. I hope to take my wife to the Biltmore sometime.

I’m not that far from Asheville it’s a cool town. Coming from Colorado I thought that I’d miss out on micro brews. Asheville doesn’t disappoint when it comes microbrews! Let me know if you ever want to chat biz and of course try out some RHG tools!

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Where are you from? Oh and I was the one who emailed you yesterday about the leaking Tucker DI

We just moved to the Johnson City TN area. Yeah I’ll definitely give you a call around noon.

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