Rehome Your $600/hr

I know there is someone out there with the expanded revised version of $600/hr who wants to re-home the book. $600/hr wants a better life than sitting around on a shelf collecting dust. And you know you’re so swamped with work and life to bother reading it. It wants the attention it used to get when it was hot off the press, but now it does nothing more than waste space.

PM me if you’ve got $600/hr preferably the revised and expanded version, but I will consider the original. Hit me up if you want to see it go to a good home.


why not pick up Window Jesus’s latest book?


Who’s that?


Keith Kalfas?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ha ha…
The man, the myth, the legend

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Okay, I was kind of confused. Yeah you’re talking about the window cleaning blueprint right? I just looked it up. Have you bought it?

yes, reading it now.

Sold my copy of 600/hr earlier this year or I would have offered it up.

How does it compare to $600/hr?

way more directly applicable.

Kevin had many great out of the box ideas, not always “reasonable”

Chris: it simple basic stuff but things which are tried and true for our industry.

Frozone: I would pm, but I’ll just be direct. Get Chris’s book hands down.

However, reading, listening to podcasts is one thing and it’s easy. Where most fail, myself included, is implementing. That takes dedication and strength

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I’m so sorry dude, I lost track of what book we’re talking about! lol So I should get Chris’ Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint and/or Keith’s The Window Cleaning Blueprint?

If you’ve been in business more than 3 months, don’t bother with Keith’s book. My earlier comment was meant in jest.

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Chris’ book.

Kevin, Chris and I guess Keith all have books. Never read Keiths

I would get Chris’s book 100%

I you are dying to know whats in 600/hr I believe he came out with a book Whale Vomit, basically 600/hr version 3.

however, with my time. I would get Chris’s book and spend time taking action, and find another book based on what you need and where you are.

Pumpkin patch
Emyth revisited
Good to Great


I would purchase Chris book “Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint”

like Dave said you just need to implement it.

These are also three good books Dave recommended

Pumpkin patch
Emyth revisited
Good to Great

Hope this helps!

Yeah I just bought the second edition of The Whale Vomit Method, because I was expecting it to have great off the wall ideas like $600/hr. (Justin Monk is super nice and loaned me his 1st edition copy of $600/hr a copy years ago.) Kevin is a genius with marketing and has incredible ideas specific to the window cleaning industry. I don’t mean this to discount the amount of blood sweat and tears he’s put into his new book, but I have found really anything pertinent to what I’m doing. I could be mistaken, but it all seems like whats in his new book is marketing theory for products, instead of applicable things that hold value like what was in $600/hr. Kevin is brilliant with marketing, and I really look up to him in that regard. It’s just difficult trying to figure how what he’s saying in his newest book applies to my small business.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve listened to E-Myth revisited, and I’ve got Good to Great, but I haven’t heard of the Pumpkin Patch! I’ll have to check it out.

Yo @Chris are you giving us WCRA members a discount on your book?

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Hi, thanks for your interest. We do not currently have a WCRA discount set up here: ← Where you can learn all about the book.

BUT if you purchase the $99 version there we will send you the $249 version for free.



If you scroll down towards the bottom of this page:

There are some really great reviews.

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Oh, one other thing the $99 version of the book includes free shipping anywhere in the world. Currently, there are books in 6 continents.

Thanks dude! By the way you’ve done an incredible job with the forum, once I got used to the new format. I can’t imagine how much time and energy you’ve put into this hub for window cleaners.

Will you have an ebook version on the market too?

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Yea it comes with an ebook in 3 formats. PDF, Kindle, and iBooks. - That can be found in the download pack with all the extra files & stuff.

Where should I purchase the $99 print version to activate this offer? and how long is this good for, I am really interested and still researching.