Reliable 2" razor

Anyone have any suggestions both for the holder and the blades? Very disappointed with mine. The blades rust like crazy and get stuck in the holder, which itself is low-quality and difficult to use.

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Seems most small handle and the cheap blades do that no matter the brand, they are cheap to buy so pick up a few when your there buying other items.

I like these


Pull the blade out with a pair of pliers (don’t risk getting cut) after the job is done so it doesn’t rust in. A squirt of WD40 will loosen it up if you forget.


i was just gonna say plastic is a better choice for the handle

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I’d rather not have to do this if possible. My 6" blades last for ages (I’m talking months with pretty much no rust) and i was expecting the 2" ones to perform similarly. If there’s a brand out there that lasts like that, I’d buy it even if it’s more money.

If not, I guess taking the blade out after each job is my best bet. Thanks for the advice!

I used to use the 6" but saw some scratching with them. I use the 2 inch judiciously and just swap out the blade often. The unit will rust, so WD 40 or GT 85 spray on it.


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Hey Mike do you have a link for those ?


Titan Mini Razor Scraper (32967)

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