Remote Transaction Question

OK So I got a text from an unknown client to stop by two of their properties and give them a quote for gutter cleaning. I was in the area so stopped by both properties, lated I text them back a quote then they said they had 3 other properties for me to do but only included one of the address, said for me to “get them done at my earliest convenience then they would write me a check after”.
Because some of our communication wasn’t clear when I asked details about their properties (size height etc.) and they did not give me an address on the other I am unsure of their legitimacy.
Do you guys send them a digital invoice first or actually speak on the phone or just do all 5 jobs and text them when your ready to get a check?
Please excuse my ignorance I’m brand new and still trying too figure things out.
Thank you

You might be “brand new” but, trust your instincts! If you feel something is not right, then exercise your due diligence until you are confident, or walk away.

Never hurts to ask for a deposit from a potential new client, especially when dealing with multiple properties.

Be safe, and listen to your gut.


i wouldn’t do the work, personally… people look to scam, especially if you’re new and eager to make money. I had someone last year reaching out and it sounded like a scam…


Post a screenshot of the texts. But my initial reaction is scammer.

Google the addresses you’ve been given so far. I bet they’re for sale or vacant for another reason. Scammers don’t like you running into the actual owners of the property you look at.

Other clues it may be a scammer:

  1. they are unable to talk on the phone due to recent surgery, out of the country, etc.
  2. Kind of odd sounding names. Like a first name that sounds like a last name, and vice versa.
  3. They will want you to charge their card (or take their cashiers check) for more than the agreed job amount, and then pay their painter/handyman/whoever who doesn’t take credit cards.

@ProWindowCleaning, you were way too nice to that scammer :rofl:


I’m with Mike & Alex … It’s a scam !!!
Anyone that doesn’t answer the phone more than likely is a scam.
I get these emails , Texts all the time. They always ask if I except credit card

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Scam city.

We get these via text and email t least once a week.

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Well the client answered his phone and we met at one of the properties and I cleaned the gutters on four houses. He is from India and I guess the communication was lacking but it was sure sounding like a scam.