Removal of cut-up frames

I did a job for a friend of a friend a couple years ago and all the windows had the fake(really hard) plastic frames, that makes the window appear to be like a cut-up. The frames were held in pace by small pegs that clipped into the window pane frame(two pegs on each rail and stile). I removed a couple of them, and what a pain in the ass that was! They wouldn’t bend, and I was scared to force them…I didn’t want to break them. There wasn’t any adhesive under them, holding them to the glass or anything.

I figured I would have to pull them off because since they were immitation, if I tried to clean each cut-up the water would run under the rail and onto the next cut-up.

What do you guys do in this situation? I was debating on telling him to remove the grates prior to me coming (that way I’m not assuming the risk). I mean the two I did take off fought me like hell. I think I spent almost 15 minutes on the 1st window total getting the grate off and back on.

When they are new they are fairly springy, just grab them in the center and pull, as they get older and the sun has hardened them and made them brittle they are a PITA, Ask the home owner to remove them or tell them that they are getting brittle and you are not going to be responsible for any breakages

If the insides are not real bad. Use foam window cleaner and micrfiber towel. This is faster than removing the grids

One thing I learned the hard way. Make sure they are in good. When done. Last spring one fell out and broke all to heck. They cost a pretty penny. I paid 250.00. for a have moon window. it was not fixable. I tried but didn’t work.

We get a lot of these. There is a knack to it. It takes practice. like Pat said start with the center. If one peg does break…they should come out easy without breaking any more, and should still go back fine

I have them to remove them before I come to do the work. I also ask for all item form the window ledges removed.