Removing tuck pointing mortar from exterior glass


I have a regular residential customer that had some tuck pointing done. The idiots got mortar all over several of windows. She wants me to remove it, understands she should’ve inspected the tuck pointer’s work better and knows it will cost her some extra money.

I’ve never removed this before. I did an initial testing with some steel wool and it seems that will do the trick but will be labor intensive.

Is there a product and/ or technique any of you recommend? This is pretty fine residue, not big chunky pieces of mortar. I think she didn’t really notice it because the screens mask it somewhat to an untrained eye.

Any advice is appreciated.

Interested in other views a well. We have had some CCU jobs that required this and quoted it with the labor in mind. A mix of steelwool and plastic knives (used one way) help to remove the bits, the small the harder we have found. It just takes time but we don’t have loads of experience with this mortar.

As far as your client’s options: you could mention that she has the ability to recoup the cost from the contractor.

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