Repairing scratched windows

Well we have learned the hard way on how to clean tempered glass. First we scratched windows with the Unger scraper on tempered windows we decided we’d never use a blade on any window we think could be tempered.

And then yesterday we scratched windows at an office with just steel wool! ( Never scratched a window with steel wool before).

Apparently even a microfiber t bar can scratch the window if it has glass dust on it. Do any of you have your clients sign a waiver?

And second question is how to go about fixing these scratches? We’re planning on buying a kit. And suggestions? They’re tiny scratches that cover the whole window. Can’t feel them or see them unless the sun hits the window just right.

What grade steel wool?

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Microfiber t-bar? Must have a film / tint on the glass.

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It was 000 steel wool .and after talking with a window cleaner representative he was sure it was glass dust left on the surface from the tempering process. He was the one who told me even a t bar could scratch glass that has this dust.
We’ve been coming across these poorly manufactured windows more and more it seems.

We were using mr. Hard water powder to get the hard water spots off, but I never had this problem using that product with steel wool before.

You need to be using 0000 steel wool, it will scratch laminated glass and any glass that has a surface coating including tint film though do you gotta know when not to use it

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yes i do 100% of the time before ANY job is started we have a waiver signed. they are more of a formality because a lawyer could tear it apart in court, BUT it is a big time buffer. ~Jersey


Maybe plastic blades and oil flo would have worked if all abrasives are off the table.

So how does one tell the difference between tempered vs non tempered glass in the field?

Glass that is tempered will have a stamp in the corner of the window.