Repairing worn out sleeve ends

I have a lot of worn out sleeves. I have at times sewn the ends closed with large needles but I generally don’t like
to spend the time.

Does anyone have a better idea for repairing sleeves with blown ends?

I finally gave up the fight, they get tossed. :frowning:

Merv, surely you can afford to get a new sleeve from time to time. raise your prices. i cant even believe you would post this nonsense. really? Maybe you can knit a bag for your huck towels?

Suit yourself and I will do the same. Over time I have sewn up a lot of sleeve ends. My workers blow them out in a short time.
I liked doing it but I don’t have the time any more.
It isn’t that hard. I used a tent sewing tool. I think sleeves are over priced at this point.

Ben Franklin said “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Now that we have mostly a spoiled brat nation,
we don’t like Franklin any more.

There is a big difference between being frugal and just a flat out cheap azz. In all your posts you argue that people cant make a good wage or charge more money for their services. Maybe, just maybe, we are making a good wage. You should try it sometime. You dont hear of anyone else doing this. This is honestly one of the stupidest posts of yours that i have ever read. Charge a decent rate, and then you can afford to buy sleeves. Better yet, Pm your address and I will donate my extra and used ones to you. But please dont imply that because I charge a good rate and can afford to buy sleeves and dont sew them, that I am part of a “spoiled brat nation”. You are a BDWC who lives in the past and has a very dangerous mindset. Get a new one. You just might like it.

i guess if your in a hurry, you could always use duct tape merv. But that would require crazy money because the cheap stuff wont work as well as the expensive duct tape, so i guess its either good duct tape or just buy a new sleeve. hmmm. a catch 22 situation.

Heres another idea. Buy a good sleeve say from here on WCR. Dont buy your sleeves from Home Depot or whatever local junk store you go too. Good sleeves will last a good time. Also make sure you have a good TBar. I have never had a good sleeve blow out on us. I have however seen other bucket bobs running with cheap equipment, cleaning with holes on the end of their sleeves. This is what I think of when i read your post. Are you a bucket Merv, Merv?


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It is more likely that you are the bucket bob.

I only buy good sleeves. They last longer than they used to but not long enough.

I have a long established business. Part of the fun is being frugal with my supplies.

I enjoy it. If you enjoy blowing your money, have a great time.

in a pinch you can put a wadded up piece of rag inside the cover over the hole. this should stop the t-bar from popping through.
you also can stop using your wand to wipe ledges :rolleyes:

Thanks for the idea. I almost never wear out a sleeve end.
I haven’t worn one out in years because I use a lot of swivel tools.

My workers press on the ends to track along the frame.
They also seem to use a lot of force. As a result, I have a lot of
sleeves with blown ends.

Hey Merv,

I don’t think this thread is nonsense or a stupid post , I think your question and reason for it are legit…

I think what dave0311 is saying is one way of doing it, I had an employer who would have us do it, it does work.

Maybe you can get your employee to sew them for themselves and then they may learn how to better scrub to avoid it.

Ask your questions Merv lots are glad to answer them !

Your Bud/Dange

Yeah, Cedar rapids, chillax dude

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Exactl-Mundo!!! And possibly they can do it on their own time.

One of my (many) favorite sayings is this: “The rich aren’t richer because they make more money. The rich are richer because they keep more of the money they make.” :cool:

I apologize for coming across as an azz but isnt merv the same clown who argued with us about how we couldnt possibly get higher prices for our similar work to his because his market wouldnt ever allow it? Yep I think so. Merv, if you have an established route as you say and cant afford sleeves, my offer to send you my extras and used ones still applies. They are 18". Just let me know bro and I will even pay the shipping too.

I think both concepts are right depending on the situation. In a strong economy It doesn’t make sense to repair the sleeves as the time it takes to do so does not bring the return that the same time cleaning windows does. But in a down economy when jobs are not as easily attainable and so it makes sense to watch your spending. Everyone should read “The Millionaire Next Door” it demonstrates that the majority of millionaires got rich because they where extremely frugal almost to a fault, Its an awesome book.

That said, Merv have you ever tried using an iron on patch to the inside to reseal the ends together. You could even do a quick sewing job on top of that just to reinforce the patch. I think I might try it myself.

You are misinterpreting what I said before. I was saying that I don’t believe that you are making $500 per
day all year long doing storefronts. To put it more directly, I think you are lying. If you make that much doing
stores, why bother with residential?

I already have plenty of used sleeves so I don’t need yours.

I have never tried an iron on patch. I don’t know how you could get in there to iron the patch. I wish
it would work because it would be a great idea. A big needle and strong thread works but it does take some work. If you
have the time it isn’t a bad way to go. It adds some life to the sleeve. As Ben Franklin said, “a penny saved
is a penny earned”. Another old saying from long ago is “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

Dange, thanks for the reminder. Merv, I am sorry I have no experience in this area. I will ignore your Liar remark and wish you the best in your pursuit of this problem.