Rescheduling due to pollen

I have got a few customers that have scheduled, and then called back trying to reschedule until after pollen season.

What is your response when things like this happen? How do you combat this?

This being my first spring season in business full time, marketing to residential, I am also wondering what to say to these customers.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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Sometimes re-schedules need to wait up to 6 weeks due to a full schedule. This does cut back on them a bit.

There’s really not much you can do, sometimes it really is in the customer’s best interests to reschedule. Maybe offer to come back and touch-up after the pollen, but I’d just wait.

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Lol. This cust wants to reschedule in June or July

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Are those months too full to schedule them in? I have many clients who wish to wait until the pollen has finished(or nearly finished).

I try to talk them out of scheduling during pollen season. We have about three weeks of it here in NC. It’s awful right now.

Just tell them when you can fit them in.
I have had my first ever " pollen " reschedule last week.
I thought they were concerned about my allergies at first!!
But with the pollen at record highs this year and me recently cleaning a 1/8 inch inch deep of pollen off some sills last week… ( yes I measured cuz I couldnot believe it!!!) I do understand.

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We haven’t “popped” yet, but Im sure its coming this week.

… I just reschedule. I tell them the earliest date I have and go from there, no problem.

Not much you can do. Reschedule them. What about pushing a power wash special for pollen season only?

I don’t mind pollen season…it stretches out spring. We have the people who schedule as soon as its warm, the ones who wait on pollen, the ones who wait for USNA graduation, memorial day, graduation, July 4, etc…If they all scheduled at the same time, we’d be in trouble. It lets us get to more customers.

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Sorry to hijack, but…

I’m so happy to see the words “Pollen Season” right now!!!
Swear to god, I saw a patch of snow on the ground, yesterday.

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I wouldn’t have a problem rescheduling if I wasn’t in the hole that I call “my first winter on my own”. I just need a few more jobs to get me there and I had my second customer call and try to resched today.

Maybe an opportunity to add a house and/ or roof wash when their ready.

And so it starts again. Had my first cancellation today due to heavy start to the pollen season.
Hard to come up with a reason for them to go ahead and spend several hundred dollars only to be coated in pollen over the next several weeks.
Best bet is to target homes with NO OAK TREES! LOL

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