Residential contracts

are residential windows cleaned once a year or should they be contracted for spring and at a later time that year?

It all depends! Where do you live? do you live in an area where most residential customers get their windows cleaned more than 1x per year. For us the majority of our cutomers have their windows cleaned 1x per year or even every 2 or 3 years. We do have a FEW that do it more frequently. We do not have contracts with any of our customers for window cleaning,but there are some people on this forum who do use contracts for resi. cleanings, we choose to be more personal.

I don’t do contracts on anything but larger low-mid rise commercial jobs. And thats just for my own protection. Plus, I usually lock them in for tree years when we sign a contract.

As far as residential frequency, I have found that most average between 2 and four times per year. Most of our clients are 2-3 /year. I have one that is more than quarterly, but not monthly.