Residential Pricing


I have a couple of questions that I need help with!

(1) How or what is a good price to charge for residential window cleaning for say homes that are single story and approximately 1200 sq ft to 2000 sq ft.

(2) How much liability insurance do you carry and what is the approximate cost and any recommendations for a company to use in the Oklahoma area?

  1. A “good” price is subjective. Basically, what is the amount you want to make an hour to make this business worth it for you? Once you find that, divide that into the amount of windows you can do in an hour, and you will have your “per window” rate. Most everyone here will tell you not to lowball your rates, as this causes a race to the bottom price point. Provide a high quality service that your customers will thank you for, even while they are paying a premium price.

  2. $1 mil. liability insurance is a good amount to have. I’m not sure for your area though…

Yes, I would recommend $1 mil. GL at the least. And Jeffrey is right about a “good” price being subjective. What would you consider good for you that a homeowner with a small house would also be satisfied with.
If you don’t already, you should consider the minimum price you would work for doing residential. Off-hand, should a homeowner that you want to have as an ongoing customer feel $100 or more is reasonable to do a quality job for a luxury service? I would think so. You may want to look at it from that angle.

Thank you to Dan Wagner & Jeff Cullen for your input. Can you give me an idea of what a $1 mil policy should cost?

Just window cleaning, two man operation or less, no power washing= $50 or $60/month around here