Residential WFP Users?

Hey Guys,

I am looking at moving to a pure water system this year and just had a quick question for all you residential guys. What percentage of resi jobs do you use your pole on? I understand it is not practical on all jobs so I just wanted to get some feedback. Thanks!


That’s true about WFP…The windows and or the lay out of the windows determine whether how your to use a WFP. Not all windows are able to adhere to WFP cleaning !

First though you should learn what windows it will work on or won’t, and that’s either done through training or trial and error ! Window frames with dead paint will bleed off dirty and it won’t work, or most ruff wood frame window will leach out water with dirt, and so on and so forth !

As time and experience is evolved you will get the muscle memory and knowledge to know what will and what won’t work !

Still the WFP is a major money maker and once you get it rolling I’m sure you’ll be quite happy with it !

Dange / Advanced Window Cleaning Service

Let me know if you need any help. I have used the pure water system for a long time on homes.

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Definitely give John Lee a call. He really knows his stuff and has been a very big help to me. I was so frustrated I was going to kick my WFP gear to the curb and go back to just traditional cleaning and then I spoke with John. He changed my business.

I know this won’t be the usual answer, but we rarely use WFP on residential. We use it on 80% of our commercial accounts (we have two systems, a WFP trailer, and 10 WFP), and I am a huge fan. But in OUR residential market, once a year, or once every two years is a common schedule. I can’t remember the last house we did that didn’t have major shotgun (artillery) fungus. Also, most houses we do have screens outside, and a lotta triple track storms. Believe me, I’ve tried to use it on more residential, just not working IN MY MARKET. Your market may be perfect for them. Even elsewhere in Ohio, with more frequent (true maintenance cleanings) schedules, it’s great.

I use it on 95% of the windows that I can reach with it. I don’t do any ccu. Works fine on first time cleans

Hi Troy. You remember the monster house you helped me on and saw how quick wfp took care of that one. I have few of those jobs but I’ll use my system on up to 85% of my jobs. It would be higher but I still do quite a few houses w/ storms. Give me a call and we can talk about what would work well for you. Or you can come over and we can walk you thru how a set up would work in your vehicle.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Tony I mayhave to take you up on your offer!

Anytime Troy. Do you still have my number?

Just make sure you check your work when your done. Just today I asked my client (4500 sq ft 3 story home) why he had called me instead of the company he used last year and he said “the last guy used a pole and sprayed water and left marks everywhere”. WFP is a big bad tool and I love mine, just make sure your not leaving anything behind.

So what about new homes (10 years at most) with nothing but vinyl double hungs and no artillery spores? Is WFP a good fit for them, generally speaking?


We use WFP on about 95% of the homes we clean. Once in a while if I’m bored I will break out the old gear, but most times I have better things to do.

They are ideally suited to wfp cleaning.

ends with 9475? If so I sure do! Supposed to be in the 50’s next week…spring is getting closer!!

Why If you need to go back you will spend less time touching up.
Also less time on a ladder if you have too.
After the frist time the WFP is much easier.
Phillip Alexander
Check out the the house i did and see if you could ladder this one!


buy the SimPole at WCR
They love it!

That’s the one!

I use it when I can, love the newer vinyl window perfect for wfp…It depends on the type of window and trial and error and CHECKING your work when done! Sometimes there is a white run or something just touch it up. Some of the newer homes have high windows or no safe ladder access so wfp it is. I use straight DI. with the gardiner xl

Mr. Lee, How can I get in touch with you about the WFP system… I see you are the man when It comes to WFP’s…


I would have to agree. You took the words out of my mouth. I know WFP is getting more and more popular these recent years (especially in the UK), but we barely used them on houses. I can only think of 2 houses out of the hundreds (for the company I worked for) that we used them on, and one was only because it was not ladderable due to steep grade into a river. We would wfp the back and figured since we already had it out that we would wfp the rest of the house. Not to mention this house was monthly.