Residential Window Cleaning Business For Sale in San Diego

Hey folks.

'Tis time to let go of the window cleaning business that I started and have built up over the last five years.
Because it is so profitable and the overhead is so low, I have stuck solely to the residential side of the window cleaning industry. No storefronts, no commercial, no power washing. I do get calls all the time for these things and turn them all down so if someone wanted to keep these jobs, they could pretty easily add on significantly to the business that way.

I have had elbow problems for many years and have finally decided it’s time to have the surgery I need and get this taken care of for good. That unfortunately also leaves me with the decision to sell my business and move on to something else. It’s tough walking away after building this business to what it is- grossing about $55,000 working by myself part time.
Work here in San Diego is year round but is more intense in the summer months and less in the “rainy season”. I tend to not chase down work December thru March and take a lot of vacation time around then.

I did some calculating for a potential buyer a couple weeks ago and found that I averaged just over 14 hours per week over the course of a year on the job. Of course that doesn’t count drive time, office work, etc., but that number still gives you some idea of how great a job this is.

The business comes with:
-All tools necessary for the work
-A professionally created and maintained website that ranks well in the search engines
-All graphics (logo, company apparel, work orders, etc.) professionally made. Digital files are available.
-Extensive paperwork on every customer ever serviced as well as on-the-job notes of the work and the customers themselves.
-Adwords advertising campaigns tested over 4 years. Currently turned off because I had to cut back my workload. Can turn on with a click and add on about 10k in work.

I also hope to train the buyer if they aren’t already in the business. I am expecting between one and two months on the job with them and extended remote help if needed. Happy to help them with learning to run a successful small business if they haven’t done so before. I am VERY passionate about small business, what it can do for you, and the freedom that it allows.

I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma that I am not selling with the business but which is available as a side purchase. It includes a ladder rack, tool box and professionally designed and installed business graphics.

This business is set up to be the most profitable, lowest stress window cleaning business possible while being as professional as possible in every aspect. Although it is cliche to say, there is plenty of room for growth here. I “should have” hired employees a couple years ago, but instead decided to turn away business and stick with the highest paying jobs and do them all myself. Also, as I sort of mentioned, because of my bad elbows, I stopped all advertising thinking that that would slow things down. As it turns out, I did just as much business as last year, but just missed out on the $10,000 to $15,000 growth that I have been experiencing every year since starting the business.

If you are looking at other similar businesses MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMPARING APPLES TO APPLES. Two companies selling for the same dollar that gross the same dollar every year are NOT THE SAME if one allows you to make the money in 40 hours per week and the other in 20.
Just something to consider…

Any seriously interested parties feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you have.

Many thanks,


Hey Ryan, I sent you an email doing a little inquiring.
give me a call at 817-341-9366, the name is Jason Murphy .

Ryan I’m interested in talking more about your business. I will call you to talk turkey :o) or feel free to call me 760-929-2727.

As of March 8th 2015 Pacific Window Cleaning is for sale in Maui, Hawaii… Great business opportunity. Great location. Work year round. Contact for more info: [email protected] / (808) 250-8384

Call me about your bus for sell. I have a guy who has a window company already in Hawaii who might want to add it to his book of business. 702-275-9091

Call me. I am interested cause I am moving to SD in two weeks and starting from scratch. Aaron 702-275-9091

The op is over 3 years old…