Residential Work

This is the first year I’ve really did any amount of residential window cleaning. Been kinda a commerical route guy, but I gotta say, I really like the residential side of this business. I’m staying around the lake, where the money’s at!

I quit doing commercial work years ago. I do 100% residential and love it.

Nice house. Did you use a WFP for the job?

I used a squeegee on all of it. When I clean it again in the fall I’ll use the WFP.

Here’s another, this one’s been fun. Going to finish it tommorow.

My god man!
What all do you have on that truck?
Does it stay loaded?

Mine is nowhere as cool.

Lol, that’s the glass man’s truck. He was installing the shower doors.

I drive a Tundra. Not nearly as cluttered.

2nd set of pics , 2nd pic
right foot of the ladder
Oh my …

Woops thats scary. Happens to the best of us some times.

I put the foot of the ladder that way on purpose. What’s wrong with that? The ground was slightly uneven, so I put the claws into the ground not only to grip better but to even the ladder some. That ladder wasn’t going anywhere, but I don’t mind learning some safety tips. Is that not safe to do?

Micah, I use that very same technique when I’m too lazy to go get my LeveLok leg leveler off of my other extension ladder. I’ve never had a problem with it as long as the incline is so slight that the ladder stays level.

It beats putting a rock or stick under it for sure. But nothing beats a really good leg leveler.

On a side note, I PM’d you but I don’t know if you got it or not. I have no messages in my “sent box” so I’m at a loss as to what may have happened to the message I sent you


Sorry, I havn’t gotten a PM from you. Try it again, or email me if you like.

[email protected]

Thanks for the info on the ladder too.

Thanks Micah! Check your email.