Resin is going bad FAST!

Recently, one of my employees changed his resin with the Xerio DI resin. It was not the virgin resin, but the regenerated resin. Anyway, he changed the resin in his 1/2 cubic foot tank about a week or 10 days ago, and today the reading was 44! I can’t believe it would go bad so quickly. Just yesterday it was reading 0.

Has this happened to anyone? Any ideas why? Thanks!

What were the last few jobs where he hooked up? We have seen filters go really quick hooking up to customers water bibs with old pipes hardly if ever used. We no longer hook up at the customers home to produce pure water… saves us a ton on DI and RO membranes compared to before.

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hey, if you were on super high TDS water, that can eat up your resin pretty fast. What was the TDS before the system? ~Jersey

Yes !!! The regenerated resin for me definitely went faster than the virgin. I just went back to the virgin.

The difference between the Virgin and the once washed should be about 20-30 % life.


It’s not just me then. It took my original resin a year and a half to go bad, though I didn’t use it often, but I do estimate 120+ of use. I ordered the washed resin and got 50-60 hours out of it, and I did check the tds at each source and it wasn’t out of the ordinary. The only source I didn’t check was three that I used at a high school, but I checked the first one at that same high school and it was running at 65 tds so I would think the others were similar. I only had the washed resin installed about 2 and a half months.

Yeah, but this still doesn’t make sense. He only used the resin for a couple of weeks. We usually get about 3 months out of 1/2 cubic foot tank. In a case like this, does WCR do any compensation?

We are sending you a new bag of resin. Sorry for any problems this caused you. @Masters_WC


Interesting I’m visiting this thread again… I wonder if something was up with a batch of resin. We have a 4x40” DI cartridge and it went bad in just a couple mos. we usually get 6 mos out of a refill and process at the shop with a 4 stage set up. I think we will go back to Virgin resin

You were getting 3 months out of resin? Lucky you, we are lucky to get 2 weeks out of resin here.

A few months ago we switched from Hydropower 1/2 cubic foot to Xero Pure systems. Its night and day, haven’t had to change resin out at all, and the resin was a huge expense.

It may be more money up front, but it saves a ton of money in the long run. The only planned filter changes are the carbon sediment filter every other month, and theyre only $10.

Might be a small thing but after use do you drain as much water from your system as you can? Thinking the standing water in there could be some of the culprit? I don’t get a ton of use on my WFP system as I do a mixture of Trad and WFP. I’m using the HydroPower DI unit and get a little over 4 months or so per bag of resin. I think if I used it real often I would go to RO/DI but this works for me now.

The resin may not he bad but you may have what’s known as “Channeling” where the sum of the water only flows toward one area or a channel is created causing a small amount of resin to handle all the impurities. You always want water to flow in and around all of the resin for maximum life. We used to see this is reclaiming gold…last thing you want is the metal in the solution to flow past the resin and not get picked up. A simple shake or roll of the tank can help.