Resinsaver Pressure Vessels

Has anybody used the DI pressure vessels that circulate the resin, and supposedly extend the life of the resin by 30%. Are they worthwhile?

[COLOR="#0000CD"]The new SPECTRUM pressure vessel utilizes a revolutionary integrated, top and bottom plate distribution system to give up to 30% higher resin efficiencies than standard systems allow.

Enabling 100% of the resin to be used, the vessel comes with a new integrated distribution system to maximise the resins full capacity and reduce resin channelling.

Key product features:
Integrated distribution - Not only does the special distribution system allow for higher resin yields, up to 30% more, but also saves time and money during servicing eliminating the need to re-bed the distribution system.
High resin efficiency - The design of the integrated distribution system means greater resin efficiency by eliminating top and bottom dead zones while also removing the likelihood of channelling.
Food safe - Made from 100% non-toxic recycled polypropylene materials, the pressure vessel is guaranteed food safe.
Maintenance made simple - With a unique resin refill system, media changes for the SPECTRUM pressure vessels are quick and simple to do.
Improved performance - Constructed from injection-moulded thermally welded polypropylene, the tanks strength is superior to composite vessels offering enhanced durability.[/COLOR]

Where can we see this product?

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Randy, I just Googled pressure vessels. I guess you could Google Spectrum pressure vessels and be more direct. And yeah Andrew, thanks for the explaination of loose vs compact resin. Makes sense that the resin could move better if looser in the vessel, however, I am wondering if this resinsaver vessel is just improving on the manual shaking and tapping procedures, or if just a marketing ploy to make the vessel cost more to buy. I am yet to own or use a vessel of any type, so am just trying to do a little research.

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I don’t see too many places selling those vessels. Don’t know how new that setup is, or if it just hasn’t caught on, or not worthwhile. I’ll be sure to keep my resin loose, if I go with some standard type vessel though. Thanks for the tips.