Resolution Time?

Who’s got em? What’s up for 2017?

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Lol, my resolution is to make sure that 2017 is nothing like 2016. What a horrible year.

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Do you have any resolutions @Chris?

I hope this year is better for you @wws, its new year and a new book to be written you have 365 new pages to fill starting today! :wink:


Be nice to my body. Hire employees and learn to be patient with their skill development.


I really need to stop arguing online about soap and SEO lol



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Morning Steve

Not really “resolutions”

But goals for sure - I usually write down 20 things I want to get accomplished in the year or do better.

They can usually be pigeon holed into the following 4 categories: Health, Family, Work, $$

I have a few more to decide on today and it should be done :slight_smile:


I resolve to reach S+ level on Splatoon. I’ve been obsessed with splatting squids recently. I’ve reached S level finally but need to get that S+ up in there. S+99 is my goal for next year.

Oh, might also do something with the business and whatnot. Maybe grow it, or maybe not.

So… you’re not going to post anymore?


Not necessarily a resolution, but I feel that I have been a little slack with my business. Since it is a part time business for me I have my full time job to “pay the bills”. For 2017 I would really like to see just how far I can go with this business. I have kept many of my customers since day one.I really want to expand my residential customer base this year.


Hope it shows up. Not one for resolutions. Said a few to make people shut up over the years but believe this 100%

Spent much of Dec frame working changes I need personally to excel in life and business. List is insanely long, is every year

Over the last few years I’ve tried to make fewer if any business resolutions and focus more on enjoying life outside of work. I used to be so enamored in meeting business goals that I forgot what my purpose in life was. Now I have “resolved” to: make time to race in all the local Monday night MTB series, bought a boat a year ago so my wife and I can get out an wake surf 2-3 times a week, get in at least one backpacking trip with friends I don’t see that often, and take a week off in the fall for a bicycle vacation.


Kudos. you are winning

the only really successful new years resolution i ever made was to not make new years resolutions!
having said that, there are certainly a number of business and personal goals and of course last but not least: working my way up a few notches on @Chris list of favourite canadians.
i will be ordering and studying his marketing book soon and am trying to finalize a plan for the upcoming season well ahead. i have plenty of room for growth here and hope to capitalize on my past experience and continue to incorporate the knowledge of others.

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My daily resolution is to value Time over Money.


I agree with you 1,000%. I always tell my wife…“I work to travel.”

Thanks for sharing @Wagonhound

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