ResponsiBid - fake leads

I am having someone, probably a local competitor, sending me fictitious leads. I mean come on, really? Grow up

Of course I research names and numbers and zip codes and know if they are fake. But it’s a waste of my time.

Anybody else having this problem?

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You bet!

Of the 8 or so that have come through, only 1 was legit.

just give your self a pat on the back. If you are doing something that has you “competition” focusing on you that much, your definitely doing something right.


you can start black listing the IP address as they happen… Sometimes I think it’s customers who don’t want to put real info in.

what i dont get is why people think their pricing (not in this instance, just in general) has to be a secret.

market value for any services we provide is within the national average that ranges from your “low baller craigs list guy” all the way to
Kevin D’s S&S company.

that average only ranges in the single digit $. like the difference in charging $4 per pane like alot of people did when they opened to charging between $7-11 per pane now. its just the value provided to meet whatever expectation the customer has. That expectation is set by us, the service provider.

Imo, any company who hads been open 5+ years and is running around obsessing about their “competitions” prices is doing nothing but shaking in their boots.

Let em send u responsibids all day, its their time being wasted. and atleast you didnt have to do an in person estimate :wink:

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Yes that’s a wonderful addition to responsibid.

The whole idea of fake leads bothers me too but since I am using the basic version right now, I don’t have much control over it. My main concern is a competitor just jumping online and using it as his own estimating tool.


Thanks Chris, that’s a good idea :wink:

Appreciate the comments guys.
It seems I don’t get much around these here parts using it yet… yeehaw! lol