Restaurant storefront question

Lets say you show up to your job. You are able to clean just about all of the windows, but just before you get to the last pane, customers sit in the window booth. They order food so they are gonna be there for a while.

What do you do?

get the signature.

route work for us, all restaurants get done before 11am, insides first, so never any customer traffic.

I’m usually there earlier. I powerwash a big rig before I go there. The truck was in exceptionally dirty condition today though so it set me back a little bit. Not really my fault but I wasnt there quite as early as I usually am. I didn’t feel like sitting around for an hour to clean one side of a pain of a glass.

skip it/sign

def not ur fault

Unfortunately because of competitive lurkers, I won’t get too far into the details of it, but I’ll say this… We do restaurants that are open 24 hours a day on a weekly basis. We go in during their least busy hours. If there’s someone in a booth, we just skip them and hope to get them the next time. We also don’t get the windows in the booths next to the customers either as a courtesy to them. No one likes a person hovering over them while they’re trying to eat and have a conversation or a stray splash of water landing next to them. The restaurants understand and appreciate this.

I agree with shiny but i clean the ones next to them though. I wouldnt worry about especially if its a weekly job.

I clarify that situation at the beginning. Some customers don’t mind either way, but If they insist on having them all done everytime then i schedule to be there before they open.

Do inside first

Don’t panic. You are doing a good job. Every once in a while windows will get missed. Get the paperwork signed and if you really want to you can let the manager know you couldn’t hit the window. Most managers understand and if there is any issue reduce the bill by a couple of dollars and keep moving. Time is money.