Restoration Revolution #2



Cool video. Is that a basic hand grinder or a special one tht has a sticker that says Glass Renu on it? I cooked a large 6x6 picture window last fall. Will that clear tin etch haze? I already paid for the window to be replaced, but would love to never do that again.

Awesome demo Cody!

Etching on windows is easy to remove. The best way to think about the GlassRenu system is this, as long as the window is not broken (cracked) the damage can be removed.

We use Makita Grinders due to the performance of the electronics and the motor.

Here is a [ame=“- YouTube”]video[/ame] of Acid Etch Removal:

Great video Cody,

Question…what if the scratch was closer the frame of the window? You mention having to spread out the area of the scratch. How would you do this without distortion?

Great question. Here is the Text answer, and I will do a demo of it in the next episode.

What you do when the damage is close to the edge is to feather up and to the middle. I have done jobs on wooden framed windows that had sanding scratches from painters all the way around the glass. What I did was to use the 8" disk, and resurface ~ 10inches from the edge in on all the windows.

The other issue with regards to working on the edge is to help protect the frame from accidental damage during the repair. To do this the best bet is to take 2" wide Blue Painters tape and mask the area off. Then take 1" wide HVAC aluminum tape and put that on top of the blue tape, finally you take one more layer of the 2" painters tape and sandwich in the HVAC tape.

Lastly, as we use round disks the corners will always have a small triangle of glass that can not be fixed. As this is not usually a problem, it is good to know the limitations of the system.

That video was really cool, thanks.

I am glad you liked it! Is there anything else that anyone would like to see in the next couple episodes? We always love suggestions!

We are very happy to be demoing the GlassRenu system this weekend in Westminster. WCR Bill and ALex will be going to work on some scratched glass.

Sprayed on Coke-Cola and Milkshake Ettching.

I have a couple customer that have windows that the coke and milk was left on for a long time.

Deep pocket holes and etching

DSCI0004 - ECO Cleaning

DSCI0004 - ECO Cleaning

from the look of the damage (thanks for the pics!) this looks like it has etched in somewhat. Can you tell me, would the etched spots grab the tip of a ball point pen? This is definitely repairable, you would most likely need to start with a Tan or Red disk, but would still be easy enough to remove.

Thank you for the reply,
yes, you can put the tip of a pen in the spots.

I did treat it with CC550 after trying some other products and scraped it. Did not take initial pictures, mores the shame, it looked so very bad and lumpy to boot.

Thanks for the info

i would like to see you do a stucco repair.
i like your system; never seen it before; so simple! You’re website is great. Glad to know you exist. i’ll keep you in mind, if i decide to get into glass repair. Thanks for making videos of what you do.

Next time i come across a job where I am dealing with Stucco I will shoot some pictures and take video to show you. I am glad that you like the videos we have made about the GlassRenu System. If it is something you think you might want to get into, i would suggest just going for it! It is a service that sells itself! Chris and Alex can tell you all about it. We are here to answer questions so shoot away!

Ok, what are your top 3 applications? If i had to guess, i’d say graffiti scratches, graffiti etching and construction debris damage. Reason i ask is, i clean glass mostly in a rural setting; no real problems with taggers here. Most construction guys clean the glass themselves, or have a house cleaner do it.The nearest urban areas are about 1.5 hours away, and i’m guessing your service is a mostly urban one. Have any of your customers marketed much in auto glass clearing?

Thanks Cole, that’d be great, but i won’t hold you to it. i do appreciate your willingness to teach.
Related to the Coke etching - your scratch video and your etch video deal only with single flaws. How would you deal with the scatter shot of a kid sneezing into a piece of glass with his mouth full of pop? You know, the issue Ed raised.

to go alongside with the first question of the 3 major applications, I definately think you are on the right track. I would say the markets to go after would be the graffiti and acid etching, then you have the construction damage where you either have fab debris on the new windows, someone bangs the window while working, or just bad window cleaning to begin with. It can cause a HUGE issue especially when tenants are moving in and want their building in top shape. I would say that there is a lot of success in urban areas, but there is the same success outside of the downtowns like hard water removal from homes, pet scratches (as someone had just posted about that on the forum). The thing that really sets this system apart from other restoration products is that it can do it all! No longer do you have to guess how bad the hard water staining is, because you will have a system that can hands down take all the damage out no matter what the severity is.

For the kid who sneezed soda all over the window, what you would do is take out either your 8" Disks or 6" Disk and go over the entire damaged area until it is out. You can go to the shop and check out the GlassRenu System to see before and after pictures that show damage that is all over the glass. You will notice the haze and how far out grinding had to go, but it should give you a better idea on how you can take care of splattered etching and scratches.

I hope this information helped. Very good questions!

You make mention in this episode about getting up on a step stool to keep in your comfort zone while working on glass. Makes total sense. What I’m thinking of is all those 2nd storey and 3rd storey windows that have been scratched by careless builders and CCU companies. What are some safety tips when working with the Glass Renu system when on ladders, especially extension ladders.

How can you have 3 points of contact with your ladder if you have both hands on a grinder, Mark?

Cody, can you do a video of removing welding slag off glass?
It will take longer without the more aggressive pads, I’m sure, but it will be a great way to get familiar with the system…

I have a project that involves practicing on the window in the attached picture…
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

This is why I ask. So how do you repair glass on 2nd story windows or any window where you need a ladder?

Scaffolding or Genie Lift? Forklift with a full pallet?
Maybe an airport staircase they use for planes, just kidding :wink: