Hi there, no religious post here :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to stop by and say “hi”, it’s been a while since I was doing several stops a day here to share stuff with you guys. Almost 5K members already, amazing.

There’s a lot going on in my head right now, we have decided to go back to our country probably before the holidays this year, and that means HUGE amount of stuff to do, and we have to keep cleaning windows on top of that :slight_smile:

We are not going to continue on this line of business when we get home, simply because there’s not a market for it, maybe something like pressure washing, but I’d be able to apply everything learned here and on the field.

We are also getting all our paperwork in order and organized to put our company for sale, so you’ll see me more than one time around here for sure, to ask about that, because I never sold a business before, so this is new to me, exactly the same like when I started cleaning windows and I managed to do pretty well at the end, “new” is not scary anymore.

Well, this is getting too long for just a “hi”

See you guys around, and thanks for all the help given during all these years

Take care

That’s crazy- I thought about you today and wondered where you were!

good to hear from you man, I know you will do well.
if you are ever looking to sell equipment, let me know.

Hey Carlos!! Thanks for stopping by. Good luck in your future endeavors, like Tory said, I know you will do well.

ps. the mug you made me is still going strong.

Hey Carlos!

  • Good to hear from you, man when we hung out that night in Texas I thought you were here to stay. Good luck in your future in endeavors, I know you will do well.

Howdy Carlos. Still using the mugs you made me. Hope everything goes successfully for you!

I was happy to see you again until I found out that everyone got mugs except for me!

Thad, when you are in rehab we cannot let you have anything you can use to drink on :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words all of you, had a really great time and I still will, because I’m leaving but what you learn right here can be applied to most businesses, so I’d be mad if I decided to quit learning.

Stay tuned, lots of questions to be asked soon , take care y’all !!!