Returned Customer Surveys

Just got back a couple of reviews from my customer reviews. I forgot to put 5 as the greatest in the message so when they all said 1 my stomach went into my throats LOL. But one of them was all 4’s out of 5. Should I bother finding out why it wasn’t a 5? I’m sure 4 is good but I’m still curious. This was my first time using this system so I’d like to improve it.

At the end of your questionnaire what if you put a line item asking if there’s anything that could have improved the service provided.


That’s a good question. I know for sure the last guy was cheaper. By at least $100-$150.

He was charging way too little.

Just know they’re some that will never leave a 5 star rating. I had google review that was written about our company’s stellar service and raved about the tech that provided the service. She also mentioned she’ll us again. And then left us a 4 star rating.