Returning to business after 7 year lay off

Hello! My name is Mike Hamilton. I started to clean windows in 1981. I 1997 my wrists and knees hurt so bad that I started another business (Locksmith/SafeCracker) to ease the wrist wear. Left the window business to my son and stopped about seven years ago for the most part. Am now returning to help my son out. Looking forward to learning all that I missed from this site and others. Thanks in advance!!!

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Mike.

probably like riding a bike. It will all come back to you in no time. Welcome

Welcome Mike.

Welcome, Mike.

Welcome to wcr Mike.

Welcome back

Welcome. I got all your problems solved. Give your son & his crew the squeege & you use the WFP. :slight_smile:

Great story… Welcome here

Yo Mike,

Good having you , Ice-Man…Even though this year so far your pretty mild eh …

So hows the wrist and knees doing now that your re-uping ?


So far so good! I am trying to only squeege with the right hand and wet with the left rarher than both with the right. A bit slow though.