Reuse wfp waste water?

We are using an ez pure filter with a 250 gallon tank in our trailer. We fill the tank from our well and then run it through the filter with a dc pump at the job site. Is it ok to send the filter bypass water right back into our tank so we don’t waste it?



I don’t think that would be a good idea. Your talking of the bypass/ waste water right? After being filtered? I would imagine the tds would be extremely high, since its everything we don’t want and our filters would work pretty hard to purify that water all over again. I would say kinda like drinking your own urine, only in an emergency situation would you. Your kidneys would be working crazy to try and clean out that potent mixture. :slight_smile:


That’s part of what I was wondering. Is this bypass water really waste water with a crazy high tds or is it water coming out due to pressure/flow regulation?

Certainly don’t want to drink my own urine.

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Maybe it can be saved and used in your landscape, lawn or garden.

The bypass water is water with all the solids that dont pass through the ro.
So it is basically concentrated dirty water with a much higher tds and running that back through the ro will make your filters go bad faster.

That answers my question. Thanks guys.

You could run the waste water thru a 1/2 cub DI tank and back into your tank and save some water

So it’s safe to drink deionized urine? Also, would this wear out the DI quicker than using the pre-EZ tap water, or at the same or better rate?

By waste water I mean drain water or bypass from your RO. You shouldn’t drink DI water at any time. Drinking DI water could cause heath problems. By using DI on the drain side of your RO it will bring the TDS down so you can run the water back into your supply tank. This will let you reclaim your drain water.

To make this a little clearer if you have a tank with 250 gal. of water with a TDS of 100 and the TDS of the drain water of your RO is 300 and you run it back into the 250 gal tank the TDS will rise over a short time. BUT if you run the drain water thru a small DI tank and then back into the 250 gal tank the over all TDS will not rise saving all the drain water for cleaning windows. You can also fill your 250 gal tank thru the DI and start with a lower TDS.

That makes sense. It will burn through the DI pretty quickly, but won’t matter, cuz you’re not looking for 000 post-DI, just better than 371 or whatever.

You got it. It should save some time and water. Go green

No it has a very high tds and will use up your filters.