"Review Generation" software? Which are best if you are not in the field

Those of you who are not in the field and have employees. What software or service do you use to help generate Online Reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc?

There’s a gajillion of these companies I believe. Nicejob, Broadly, SoTellUs, Rocket Referrals, Reputation.com, and so on.

This question is mainly for those here with employees. I’ve looked at a few of these services and many of them seem geared very much to the owner-operator who will take pictures of the job, ask the customer to write the review on the cleaner’s phone/tablet, that sort of thing. Asking employees to do these things is quite difficult most of the time and I am wondering if there is some service that can help facilitate the review process without too much (or any) employee effort.

Anyone use any of these or others? Find that they are useful and actually guide customers to leaving reviews?

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nicejob. works well.


Thanks @cactus27 !

Good question regarding the workflow with teams. I can’t speak for the other options, but NiceJob gives you a couple of workflow options.

  1. Setup up unlimited team members on your account (included with no extra charge). Have them use the NiceJob mobile app to either snap a job site photo or trigger a review invite. NiceJob does the rest :slight_smile:

  2. Automate the whole thing. Connect NiceJob to your billing system (ie. Quickbooks). And have it send review campaigns automatically every time a job closes.

This does save time, but including photos improves your conversion rate by about 20% and you’ll get a 2-3 times higher engagement rate on your published and shared reviews (and reviews with real photos look really cool).

Thanks for the reply @Lars . Anyone else have any input? Specifically those with employees - @Kyle @Chris @DaveYogi? Anyone else?

Never looked into them but probably should.

We send out emails after every job and provide links for reviews. Do not collect as many as I would like this way.

I do not know the company and the man is not on here anymore but I do know others have used these services and done well.

Let us know what you find (do the research for us!)


You can pay for a review system… there are a few good ones out there… they work… but are not cheap…
We don’t need thousands of reviews, we just want solid consistent reviews. I agree, having employees get reviews doesnt work well. But you can have you employees ask for referrals and atleast ask the customer when they have time to drop a review on facebook or google.
We ask for reviews when we send out our emails. Sometimes we get 5-10 in a month, sometimes its 1. We could probably focus more on this.

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NiceJob seems to offer the most bang for the buck. There are other companies that offer less for 5X the price.

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Thanks @Kyle. We do the same currently and get the similar results as you. Just always wondered if having MORE reviews would help in any way.