Review my DoorHanger

Thanks to Tropical storm gay Fay, I’m stuck inside :frowning:
Wanted to make a door hanger, so this is my first.
Going for $300k and up.
Let me know what ya think
so just give me your thoughts to add or change things…CFP
That would much appreciated!

Looks good. But i thought i was good to make a date they have to call by to get the deal?

Oh im stuck inside too. Starting to get rain from gay fay.

well, I kinda take it back…just came back from surfing and Fay was giving some 5ft+ waves with an off shore wind, nice cleans lines…so Fay wasn’t all that bad. Plus as someone else pointed out to me, good old storms bring dirty windows!!!

What about screen cleaning? is that extra?

I think it looks great for a first attempt.

If you’d like to really make it amazing, incorporate as many things as possible that you’ve learned from all the posts on how to make a powerful flier.

Think of it as a flier that hangs on a doorknob. Same principles. Different shape.

Thanks Kevin.
What response do you from Door Hangers?
I’m also thinking of putting some on the mail box, is that a good idea?

Never used them. Will be this fall, but only to target neighborhoods we’re already in at the moment, while we’re working.

The mail box is off-limits per the USPS.

even the out side? I heard you could from someone. Only the outside though…like the handle on the box.

No touchy mailbox.

really…darn usps j@$%!

looks pretty good, especially for your first.

I’m not sure what the law is on that. Even if allowed I would be cautious. What if something turns up missing, and there’s your hanger on the box. I mean you don’t want to start getting paranoid but just something to think about.

Your flyer looks good by the way like the color scheme.

Which software did you use ?
Looks good Matt, hope it works.

To me there’s not magical recipe, to me is all about target market and your message. I have the target solved, but working on my message.

Are you on the Gulf side or the Atlantic side? 5 feet is solid, but you would think a storm like that would send double overhead waves huh?

Atlantic side. 7+ is expected for today :smiley:
I don’t know about it sending double overhead, but it will send something.

What’s printed on the backside of the hanger?

I used Photoshop CS3.

Ummm…nothing, should something be there??? If so, what?

maybe just the words “Window Cleaning” and your number