Review my site

I’m going to be adding a lot to it eventually, but simple is what i was striving for. Please be honest, please be brutal.



Hey! Looks great. Has a real personal feel to it.

The only problem I have is the image viewer. It didn’t work properly for me (Firefox). Image viewer starts with image #6 and I have to move around the mouse a bit until I find a ‘PREV’ button come up and then toggle through the images in reverse order.

I had the same image problem with Chrome. A refreshing change for once - I liked it. The only critique I have is with the ‘wash’ part of the wash logo - it looks like its been doodled in high school.

I like it.
Simple. Sometimes people try to make things complicated, but you kept things nice and simple…

One thing I have a question about. Do you have company shirts? Or a specific attire you wear? I saw you wearing a regular polo, why not order some good looking company shirts and up the notch in professionalism?..sorry that’s just me rambling.

…and that :smiley:

I love your site, but i would take down the pictures of you doing pole work, people like to see window cleaners using ladders, plus how are you going to clean those window sills with a pole???

And Karl,Larry and whoever

using a pole to clean windows,sills,tracks etc, does not to a better job

Do they? It’s been my experience that people like to see clean windows, but most don’t seem to care what method is used, as long as it is safe and the results are to their satisfaction.

I like your site too Josh.

Josh looks real good, I did pick up a couple of things on the last page that you may want to fix. I know I’m the grammar Nazi!!!

"Perfect Windows Everytime"
Residential Experts! JoshWash takes pride in cleaning your windows WELL!
JoshWash is Albuquerque’s local, affordable, and friendly window cleaning service. Please allow us to take on the tedious task of your window cleaning. With years of expierience in Albuquerque, you have already made the right choice!

When you call, make sure you are ready to throw away the Windex™ and paper towels. See the difference in a professional window cleaning.

  1. I don;t think that you need a comma after affordable
  2. You may try insted “please allow us to take on the tedious task of cleaning your windows”
  3. Experience is spelled wrong in the sentence
  4. Last sentence you may try “You’ll see the difference a PROFESSIONAL window cleaning can make”

Not nit picking just trying to Help!!!

It looks great! If you are looking for search engine presence and don’t want to spend alot of money then linking with people like Chris here at WCR is vital. There are several you can link with within the industry to enhance your presence.

Personally I am using Howard Connet a retired window cleaner from Tucson, AZ that is spectacular at developing sites and gaining you search engine presence in your area. His website is look him up if you’d like.

I really like it alot! really simple and clean looking, easy to navigate. I think prospective customers really apperciate that. As has been said, my the one thing that stuck out to me was that you should get a company shirt. Did you make the site yourself? I really like it, my website development has been put on the backburner, probably until winter, but I would like for my site to look very similar to yours as soon as I have more time to work on it.

It makes me sad… :frowning:


I was born and raised in Albuquerque, got married at the University of New Mexico. All 3 of my sons were born in Albuquerque. My whole family lives there. My dad is buried there. I spent 5 years with the Rio Rancho DPS. I moved to Kentucky for my wife to be closer to her sister, but her sister moved away a few years ago. I miss the 505…

Why does it make you sad?

Thanks for all the input guys. I agree with everything ya’ll said.

Keep it coming, please! This has helped out a lot.

Starbrite: I cleaned that one with a pole b/c I had not brought a proper ladder set up. This house was something I estimated a month before a got the call back and I forgot. Lucky I brought the polezilla. They turned out pretty great. I prefer ladder work, but there’s nothing wrong with pole work.
Btw, I need ladder pics somewhere

Ah. I feel you. I’ve lived here for 5 yrs and I don’t think I’ll ever leave.

One word: Lotaburger!

Hey Josh,
The site looks great. I don’t know if happens to anyone else, but on the homepage the phone # on the bottom is cut off.

One word: Rudy’s!

I have never used a pole to clean a sill or track.

I have used a pole to clean an etc.

in-n-out, that’s what a hamburgers all about.