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[LIST][*]Curt explains how ResponsiBid allows business owners to get their lives back while taking control of their business by automating the processes that allow our customers to become the focus again.[/LIST][url=]

So have most wcra members hooked up there free Responsibid yet?

I haven’t yet. I need to talk to Curt. I have no clue how it works. But I want to sign up.


Hey Phil, I just left you a voicemail to help answer your question above. With your WCRA membership you are lucky enough to get a free basic membership of ResponsiBid. You can see the exclusive WCRA pricing here, but just contact me below and we will get you started.

Essentially all that is involved is customizing ResponsiBid to meet the needs of your business, and the services you offer. Then after we get that taken care of we go live on your site so that your customer’s can receive instant online bids and you can capitalize on your business working for you.

Thanks Stephen, I look forward to getting set up. We are heading home through beautiful snowy Utah. Should be home tomorrow afternoon