RHG backpack?

I have a few questions regarding the RHG backpack system.

  1. How much water does (the tank) it hold?

  2. If I was to clean a typical 2 story house with some frenchies in front and mostly casements around side and back, how much water would this take?

  3. The pump has 4 settings, what are the differences and purpose for these settings?

Mark I think I have sort of mentioned this in the last post I answered. It seems to me you are wondering how far you are going to get with a back pack. I have a different make so I cannot answer any specific questions. However, I have found that the back pack is useful for occasional awkward windows. Above a conservatory or a three storey window you dont want to climb to etc. However, when I have tried using it for a whole house, I found the need to refill it constantly was too much of a pain. It is then that I wished I had bought the static tank with hose reels and such, instead of a back pack and five 25litre containers!
The general rule on the ammount of water used ofcourse, depends on how dirty the windows are. If they are being cleaned every month you might get away with one or two fill ups. If they are not or, if it is the first time time using wfp on those windows, you will need to use more water.

Check your PM. Its a good peice of equipment…a good addition.

Yes, the backpacks are great, but I might be more inclined in your position to go with the trolley that we offer.

That is in stock but for some reason its not listed on our site, I will have it up first thing tomm morning. Apologies.

Hi Mark. I’ve been using the <a href=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/water-fed-poles-sysytems/back-pack-sysytem/rhg-backpack-delivery-system.html?&a_bid=837d931c” target=“_top”><img src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/accounts/default1/banners/rhg backpack delivery system.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“http://www.shopwindowcleaner.com/affiliate/scripts/imp.php?&a_bid=837d931c” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> for a few months last year and I found it an invaluable tool. I have a house that has a lot of frenchies on the back and I can clean them w/ less than 10 gallons of water (my backpack holds 5 gallons). I use blue plastic fuel cans I got from Wal-Mart to hold extra water. Once the temps come up a few degrees I will be back to using it on my monthly houses as well. I have found many ways to incorporate it into my business than I can accurately describe here. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you get one.

Hey, Mark. If you want to see one, I have one that you can try. How will you be generating your pure water?
Just give me a call.

Ahh and here is the link:

RHG ‘Reach’ Trolley System

Neat piece of equipment.

That things pretty cool. If I remember, it is essentailly the same as the backpack but on a dolly, right? There’s no filtration involved?


It also holds 8 gallons as opposed to the 5 gallons in the backpack.

Wow, pretty cool pc of equipment!