RHG Products Company - 'The Leader in Waterfed Innovation'


I hope you all have had a busy first week of 2011.

2010 was a great year for Reach Higher Ground and I see bigger and better things coming the way of the window cleaning industry in 2011!

We are introducing 6 new pure water systems to the window cleaning industry for 2011. These systems can be found on our website at this link. [Window Cleaning | RHG Products]
All of these systems feature our RHG Cartridges and ‘Quick Disconnect’ system. These are the easiest systems to maintain on the market today. Simply disconnect 2 fittings to remove the filter cartridge and reconnect them to the new one. Its that easy. No more wrenches to open filter housings or trying to shove that white ring back in!

Also new for 2011 is the 4’ CLX pole from Gardiner Pole Systems and the 61’ SLX pole from Gardiner pole systems.

These are true lengths, not the ‘achievable height’. These poles and systems will be on display at the Ettore booth next month in St. Pete FL at the IWCA Convention and Trade Show.

These products are available anywhere professional window cleaning supplies are sold.

RHG - “The Leader in Waterfed Innovation”

So do we have the 61 footer here already on WCR?

RHG will have them in stock in a couple weeks. There is a list of people pre-ordering them.

Might wanna get on it if you want one.