RHG pump controller and transmitter

I’m having issues with the pump not turning on the transmitter just makes a click noise. I’m using a sureflo 55psi pump. and the pump controller keeps giving me a PS @DE indication ? stumped.


So why calibrate the controller to a pump?
What we are doing is telling the control what the maximum pressure the system normally operates at. To get a good flow at the brush head the system is probably running between 40 - 70 PSI. So the control knows that the normal max level is 70 PSI. When a user stops the water flow the pump will attempt to push against the restriction increasing the pressure above 70 PSI the pump sees this sudden rise and stops the pump. This is what we refer to as DEAD END (DE).
During this DE (flow stopped period) the controller periodically retests the pressure at the pump. When the restriction is removed the pressure falls back below the 70PSI maximum and the controller restarts the pump at the preset flow.
The control is designed to stop the pump before the pump pressure switch activates where the water flow has been stopped. A pump pressure switch may activate at 110PSI give or take (based on 100 PSI pump) as described earlier running the pump to these high levels can cause problems.When flow is stopped The pump draws a spike of current and the pressure in the line builds. Calibrating the control to the system means the control knows the usual PSI and current draw. When flow is stopped both these spike. The control sees this and stops the pump If there is air or a blockage EG blocked jet, pump pre filter. Other causes can be 90 degree angle adaptors or differing sized ID connectors, Check for any jammed non return valve.


john very helpful info, thank you for taking the time break down the way the pump works. let me pass one other thing I’m experiencing. when i wire the pump to the battery the pump turns on and works great no resections and good pressure. when i hard wire to the pump controller directly to the pump and battery i get a clicking sound only. when i do the same thing with the transmitter hard wired to pump and battery i get the same results. the clicking happens in like 5 second intervals. this is were I’m stumped ?

Lonnie ok that would fit with my thinking. The click you are hearing is the controller testing the pump. The calibration is to low for your set up. What is happening in the control to Cycle the pump in/out of DE The control carries a DE retest every 3 seconds to see if water flow has been restored. If the control thinks the tap is still closed (no flow) it will leave the pump in DE.
My suggestion is to increase the Calibration figure to say 50 - 60 mark. A higher cal value means the controller will expect to see a Higher current draw from the pump.
What do I do if DE is displayed?

DE means the Dead End detection on the controller has shut off the pump. This happens when the controller detects the water flow has been stopped. In normal operation this is most likely due to turning off a pole tap or kinking the hose line as you move between windows.

We designed the controller to detect when water flow has been stopped, so that the controller will stop the pump well before a pressure switch would. The advantage here is that the system is under less pressure reducing the risk of blown connectors or split hose lines.

We also design the control to know when the flow has been restored. It does this by carrying out a dead end re-test every 3 seconds. If the flow has been restored (pole tap opened or kink removed) the controller will turn the pump back on. We have engineered the V11 in a way that even if left in DE for prolonged periods pressure will not build up in your system.

The longest delay between opening a tap and pump restart is three seconds.

DE is also used as an error message so in the event of the control unexpectedly displaying this message please check the following information:

  1. Run the pump to bleed any trapped air from the system. Turn the controller up to 99 to increase flow ad force the air out.

  2. Check that the hose has not become disconnected, twisted or blocked.

  3. Check that the water tank is not empty.

  4. Set the calibration to a slightly higher value.

  5. A blockage in the jets, the hose line or pipe work after the pump. To check for a blockage start by removing the brush, does this clear the DE? If not then next disconnect the pole hose and so on you may end up right back at the pump outlet.

  6. Stuck non-return valve on the reel

There are a number of factors that will affect DE and the length of time it takes the control to DE and stop the pump:

  1. Ambient air temperature. The temperature will effect the hose wall stiffness and expansion qualities of the hose. The change to hose wall expansion will effect how long the system takes to pressure up

  2. The thickness and stiffness of the hose wall.

  3. The size of the hose or microbore.

  4. Low Battery voltage.

In our tests we have found that a drop in voltage will slightly increase the dead end detection time but this change is minuscule. Certainly this tiny increase will not cause any extra wear on the pump, battery or fittings. And remember that as the voltage drops the pump will run slower, dropping flowrates and pressures.

In most cases the controller is reporting a system fault. If having carried out the above checks, the controller is still showing DE then run the auto calibration as calibration may be too low.

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John, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to help in my
situation. i will get to work on the problem ASAP.
Thanks again.

Quoting John noreply@windowcleaner.com:

Thanks for the good replies on this thread.

I’m having trouble with my controller. It is a new setup. I dont have an instruction page.

The controller is set up and everything is currently set at 99. It has plenty of water, the output goes from the 3/8 barb through 4 feet of hose and then it giong to 100’ of 5/16 hose.

Currently the pump just keeps pulsing water enough to wash but not rinse.

If I discount the 5/16 hose the pump pushes tons of water.

How do I calibrate this so the the flow is constant?

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As the information given above the pump is pulsating because it is testing the PS. You need to calibrate it. I am attaching instructions


Thank you very much.

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John the page you sent show the wiring and it speaks of calibration but doesn’t say how to. Is there a page missing?

Sorry there may be. Let me see if I can find it. Use this link http://springltd.co/support

Hi Johnathan; This video link covers calibration - YouTube

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On a side note, what if I lose the remote transmitter? How do I get another one?

Haven’t done that yet, but I’m sure it will happen at some point.