Ro/di question

i have an ro di system for my aquariums. not using nor do i plan on using a water fed pole anytime soon. would it be beneficial in any way to bring pure water to a job and do a normal wash and squeegee with it? i realize that after i dip the washing sleeve back into my bucket the tds is going to jump dramatically. am i answering my own question?

Yes. Your answering your own question;)

If you already have a pure water system then what’s keeping you from getting a pole? That’s like saying you have a car but have no plans to buy gas and drive it! Get a pole from WCR and start rockin! Why endanger yourself climbing ladders when you don’t have to? Your halfway there man! Get a pole-- even if you don’t have a bunch of work yet. You will if you have a pole setup and start pounding the pavement.

my ro di setup is only 75 gpd and its not really portable. i have it mounted in my aquarium room (7 aquariums and more to come)
the system i have is the OCEAN WAVE+ FIVE STAGE 75 GPD RO/DI at this site RO/DI Systems
i’m sure that wont cut it.

I’m too drunk and lazy to follow the link right now. Sorry you caught me on vacation.

Is that 75 gallons per day? If so I think you will be fine for a few houses a day at the least unless they are mansions. Plus if you buy a storage tank you can make water when your not home and store it for later use.

That’s my guess anyways. I’m not a pro with WFPs as I have yet to order mine. But I think 75 gallons a day would be plenty to start out with if your not cleaning windows big-time yet.

Btw- if it’s not portable don’t worry. You can store your water in a tank in your vehicle and you can also buy a backpack as well.

good to know. i’ll look into it a little more. thanks!

Sure no problem. You can buy a great backpack here at WCR, or you can buy a “not quite as great backpack” elsewhere.

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your RO will only give you .05 GPM or 3.1 GPH I don’t think it will help you that much. You need .5 GPM to run a water fed pole.