RO/DI storage

Ok well last winter was my first winter with my ro/di machine. I was a moron and had no idea how to store it for the winter. So I left it in my trailer thinking no problems. I thought all the water was out of the machine and there should be no issues. WRONG. For anyone who just got into WFP system and live in an area that freezes. Make sure you empty out the entire system. Remove all the filters and drain that thing. Drain all your hoses etc. I was a moron, hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I just feel like a dumbass thinking there was no water left in the machine. Anyway that’s in the past. This year the machine will be sitting in my basement.
The results of my stupidity are as follows.

Don’t let this happen to you. My machine came with very little instructions on how to maintain it. I was very lucky that the issue was resolved with no cost to me. I would like to hear some recommendations for storage and safety of systems, poles, hoses etc.

Ok now everyone can hit me in the head with a wet sock for being a moron last year lol. :eek:

The UK forums are full of these topics Ray - I think most put a mini heater in the van, just to keep the temp above freezing. Some use electric blankets, others parafin heaters (the smell!).

The PW forums are also full of suggestions for winter equipment storage.

The best way to store a unit for the winter is not to drain it, but rather to prevent it from freezing.

Letting the RO membrane drain and dry out will ruin it.

I was told the RO can be wrapped in plastic and stored is that true? Shawn I know you know what you are talking about so it would be nice to get your recommendations. I do not want this same nightmare happening again so like I said it will be stored in the basement. But I know leaving it over a period of time is not good. I know when I store my other equipment i have to treat it with stabil. I dont see that with this but could be wrong. My power washer also needs a treatment for the pump over the winter season. Should I be looking to do the same with this pump? Or should I just leave it alone in the basement?

Karlos where are the UK forums? I dont look around for them at all so I dont even know which are good or not. Thanks

Ray, you can find a link for Aqua Tec forum on Karlos’ blog. I also recommend the site.

I just realised you wanted to store your RO & not run it through the winter.
You could still run it in the basement or even make some water & take it with you. That’s what everyone else does in the UK. I have one hooked up in the laundry - you could probably do the same just to purge it through every now & then if you don’t want to make full production water every day.

How cold does your basement get?

Cover your system with moving blankets to insulate and wrap up with plastic.

Sorry for the late replies guys. I don’t know why but sometimes I don’t get the replies in my mail. I have checked my settings and it seems I only get replies when someone quotes one of my posts. But I’m not going to worry about it. Anyway thanks for the info, it’s starting to get cold here at nights 40’s and 50’s. The cart is going to come out of the trailer this weekend. Larry my basement does not get cold at all. That’s why I want to put everything in there this year. It’s easy for me to get the stuff in there. I am putting up everything that cost me a bundle down there. My powerwasher, generator, RO/DI, everything. Karlos I am going to take your advice also and run it once every other week or so. I know my wife will be happy. She is an avid gardener and in the winter sets up her grow room for tomatos an vegis. She is always saying she would love to use the water from my ro/di as apparently being the water is zero tds she can measure out her chemicals exactly for the plants. She was always wanting me to make her some water but I was never into setting up the machine so it can produce her 5 gallons of water. Heck just go buy dam distilled or deionized lol. But since it will be down there I can hook it to the washer machine and run the drain into the washer also. She will be excited when I tell her today. Thanks guys…

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