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I want to through out a plug for

Karl who is one of our main contributors here does a pretty amazing Window Cleaning Blog. This guy Karl has it all covered… Any window cleaning story that makes the news makes it here. Its really the only place you need to visit for “Window Cleaning News”

If you happen to come across a Window Cleaner in the news story please email to Karl… Chances are hes already got it covered…(but just in case)

[email protected]

Also when you click our news button it goes right to Karls site…

Oh no…pressure :eek:

I’ll 2nd that & a BIG Cheers to boot! Good lookin out Karl,your Blog is tight;)

Thanks buddys, at first it was a place to put links up, its grown into something else now. Thanks for the heads up, at least I know its worth doing when I get responses like this. Thanks again.

I didn’t realize we weren’t supposed to post window cleaning related news stories here. My bad. :cool:

Oh NO NO No Steve you are. Much like our air conditioning discussion yesterday… totally un related…

The more content the better…

PS Steve and I are now Twitter buddies… everyone else is missing out.

Steve= justashepherd
I = mrchriswcr

Post away Steve - I sometimes miss a couple. Usually there are a lot of links as well to different storys, so its good to see different sites & just too many links to fit in one blog.

I’m sometimes astounded at the amount of news related to our profession & other days nil. Thats when I have to trawl saved links or find other sources of interest.

Does anyone know of an on line Mallorcan-English or English-Mallorcan translator site?

No - not seen one. There’s Catalán to Español which is quite near Mallorquin, but know its a pretty ugly language compared to straight Spanish. If you imagine a ****ed Spaniard trying to sound Dutch - your nearly there. I have enough trouble with Spanish, never mind the splatter of German, French & Catalan you have to know. It was getting very Spanglish over here, then the government here declared all kids had to learn Catalán before leaving school.


Karlos is also on twitter = karlosdaze

I love your site too Karl! I guess I felt kind of dumb after posting that link and then seeing the great post on your site about the same article. If I had thought, I’d have just posted a note for people to look at your site.

Keep up the good work!

Steve dont be silly keep posting…whatever you like

I forgot about Karl on twitter… thats how we communicated for a couple of weeks when his internet was down.