Rollie Pollie: Max business revenue

What is the highest revenue your company has brought in in a fiscal year? This poll is confidential --I think…:frowning:

I think $250k is a low number to top out at. Maybe I just think too big.

It may be low, but personally I was trying to get a feel for what the smaller companies are capable of. Sure some companies probably do a few million and every in between, but those companies seem to be high-rise companies and seem to have a bent on corporate building maintenance.

since I do not work for the gov…I do not use fiscal.

I use a calendar.

My best year is over 3 Million USD.

What do you consider a small company. Is it 10 or less employees or are you thinking smaller is the 1 and 2 man shows?

I consider a small window cleaning company a one or two man show with up to a couple part-time helpers.