Rollie Pollie: Your choice of soap

here’s a poll for ya’ll

Love GG4!

I throw some in my dishsoap solution sometime, but I’m having trouble liking it. Sometimes if I go half gg4 and dishsoap it seems to have a better glide.

Do you notice any lack of drag with gg4?
Am I just a rookie cause I prefer lots of suds from my dishsoap???

I know alot of guys say they like suds. The reasons given range from - it helps them see what they’ve squeegeeded off already to it looks good to the customer. If I have glide issues I’d use Winsol Super Slip. I prefer little or no suds. Which is what you get when you use the recommended amount of GG4 in your solution.

I only use dish soap, i have tried gg4,gg3, and it suckssssssssssssssssssssss…

Glad to see that you are posting Kris

I feel another soap war coming on!:stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the point.

None, in all likelihood. Of course you can always hope they come to their senses!:wink:

if dish soap is soooooooooooooo bad, why are alot of window cleaners using it???

Same reason some don’t use WFPs!

because wfp’s suck???

why dont you use a wfp on storm windows? how do you remove shotgun fungus with a wfp, how do you remove paint with a wfp???

I think we’ve been down this road before. You seem very stuck in your ways Dougg. We’ll have to agree to disagree I guess.

You didnt answer the questions.

Can you or cant you remove paint,fungus and paint with a wfp??

btw, i do use a wfp

Anyone ever mix dish soap and GG4 or GG3? best or worst of both worlds?

I have with gg4 and dish soap,
I like it more than just gg4, maybe even better than just dish soap, but I feel like it kind of a hassle to make up a solution and mix three things, 1) dish soap 2) gg4 and 3) slick (even though it don’t really need it cause dish soap has water surfactants built into it!)

Also, when I occasionally scrub the screens down with my window solution (and it has gg4 in it) I feel like it doesn’t work as well as hot water and just dish soap. It’s probably all psychological… I guess I’m just a weird dude sometimes:o

hey Kris, I used to be a dishsoap user too. I had a old gallon of GG4 in the garage that i used twice and wasnt too stoked on it. Then one day i started messing with amount of soap and glide and i finally found t

Those questions have been answered in the past Dougg. Will a squeegee and a stripwasher remove those items? Obviously not so the use of a scraper is needed for both methods - yes?


So, you are saying that a wfp can remove those items???

Sorry Dougg I guess I thought you would see the answer was implied in my response. Neither WFP or squeegee and stripwasher will remove the items you have listed. A scraper is required for both methods. Yes?